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The Fourth Moscow International Festival of Art

“Traditions and Contemporaneity”


A press-conference dedicated to the opening of the IV Moscow International Festival "Traditions and Contemporaneity" took place on May 12, 2010 in RIA Novosti.  The speakers at the press conference were Kiseleva Vera N. - President of Moscow Social Foundation of Culture Support and Contemporary Art Development; Dieva Svetlana A.- the assistant of the deputy of the State Duma, the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Culture Tyagunov A.A.; Sakhno Elena S. - Advisor to the Federation Council Chairman Mironov S.M.; Art Director of “Art Assemblies” production center.

During the press conference Vera Kiseleva gave detailed information about the program and participants of the Festival. Totally about 100 painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic artists, craftsmen and applied art galleries from around the world, including both famous (Z.Tsereteli, T. Salakhov, E. Zverkov, A. Burganov, S. Altaev, A. Plastov, I. Radoman, M. Abakumov, Kukryniksy, «Maricevic Fine Art & Antiques», Mamontov Gallery, Orenburg Museum of Fine Arts, S. Zaitsev, S. Lidov, A. Tyrtyshnikov) and yet less known artists (A. All, E. Infelitsina, “Project Academy”, T.Vaganova, O. Serezhina and many others). The journalists also got to know about the major projects of the Festival, reflecting the social processes in the society - "Eternal Memory" and "Window to Paris".

IV Moscow International Festival “Traditions and Contemporaneity” will be held from 20 to 24 May at “Crocus Expo", and for the International Exhibition Center this is also a unique event: conducting mainly industrial and economic exhibitions, the center will become a platform for cultural activities for the first time.


Following the Festival, on May 26, 2010 the awarding ceremony of "Belief" Prize will take place at the Central House of Writers. The author of the statuette "Belief” is a famous sculptor, Honored Artist of Russia Viktor Mitroshin. The statuette is made of bronze, rock crystal and Ural stone and depicts a woman with a drop of water in her hand. According to Vera Kiseleva, the prize symbolizes the faith in all good - in creativity, love, success.  

According to Elena Sakhno, Sergei Mikhailovich Mironov, Chairman of the Federation Council, will establish special prizes for the winners of the Festival in all the categories: painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, installation, applied arts, architecture and museum business. It also became known that on the Day of the City of St. Petersburg, on 27 May, an exhibition of the paintings of the Festival participants will be held in the Tauride Palace.  In addition, the winners of the Festival in the "Photography" category will have the opportunity to present their works at the IV All-Russian Festival of Andrei Petrov in almost 20 regions of Russia.

Svetlana Dieva noted that the Festival is so innovative not only because young artists have the opportunity to present their works, but also because these works are reviewed and evaluated by the distinguished jury, which is important for beginning artists.

Participants of the press conference discussed the issue of the financial crisis. According to Vera Kiseleva, if having more financial opportunities Moscow Social Foundation of Culture Support and Contemporary Art Development could implement other equally bright projects.

"This is an unprecedented international Festival, discovering new names and giving a powerful platform for the development of culture and art today, - says the festival partner, Director general of “Sybarite Group” communication agency Vera Shipulya. – We have been working with “Traditions and Contemporaneity" for 4 years already, and as I see a breakthrough has been made during this time. Of course, this is a great achievement of Vera Kiseleva, which, as an icebreaker, is overcoming all obstacles, moving towards her goals. Even in times of crisis and post-crisis period, the Festival explores new territory, changing the exhibition hall for a larger and more modernized.   

With such leadership the Festival has great future. "

A charity event for the benefit of orphans and children with disabilities will be organized in the framework of the Festival. The children from orphanages and boarding schools would be invited to the "Belief" Awarding ceremony.

"The Foundation organizes such events for the fourth year. I would like to make these children happy and it would be great if they at least see the colorful performances and receive positive energy. All the children will receive gifts, and I think they will be in good mood "-      says Vera Kiseleva.

TV broadcast of the awarding ceremony will be shown on June 12 at 18.00 on "Stolitsa" TV Channel.

According to organizers, after the IV Festival "Traditions and Contemporaneity" finishes, Moscow Social Foundation of Culture Support and Contemporary Art Development will start preparations for the fifth Festival 

Schedule of the IV Moscow International Festival of Art

"Traditions and Contemporaneity":

May 20 2010, 18.00, "Crocus Expo" (Moscow region, Krasnogorsk, 65-66 km Moscow Ring Road)
Opening ceremony

May 21 - May 24, 2010, 10.00 - 19.30

Work of the Festival, master classes, work of the International Jury, definition of the nominees of the Festival competition program.


May 24 2010, 19.30

Closure of the IV International Festival of Art "Traditions and Contemporaneity"


May 26 2010, 18.00, Great Hall of the Central House of Writers (Moscow, Ul. Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 53)

Awarding ceremony of the "Belief" Prize based on the results of the IV Moscow International Festival of Art "Traditions and Contemporaneity ".  



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