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Moscow Public Foundation for the Support of Culture and the Development of Contemporary Art

President of the Moscow Public Foundation for Support and Development of Culture of Modern Art - Vera Kiseleva is a person of bright and interesting destiny. The world champion in diving, champion of the USSR, the master of sports of international class in diving. She had many achievements and not a single defeat. Bright victories, numerous awards and titles, mastering various professions and implementation of important business projects. V.N. Kiseleva is a member of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Russia. At last, the main affair is a creation of the Moscow Public Foundation for Support and Development of Culture of Modern Art in 2004 with a sincere desire to be helpful to the contemporary Russian Art.

The Foundation has managed to create a creative community - the small world of art, the artistic center of fashion, constantly updated with new members - collectors, connoisseurs of art, professionals and new emerging talents. The creativity potential of people united by Foundation allows to implement the most challenging projects and ideas attracting the attention and support from sponsors and patrons.

The foundation was established to address the global challenges - preservation of the Russian Cultural heritage, creating fertile ground for the development and dissemination of art in Russia and abroad. In 2005, International Charity Foundation "Patrons of the Century" awarded Vera Kiseleva with the medal "Honour and benefit" for the support of contemporary art. In 2008, Vera Kiseleva was awarded by Resolution of the Presidium of the National Committee with the Order of Peter the Great of the 1st degree “For merits and personal contribution and for the strengthening and development of the Russian state”. In 2008, V.N. Kiseleva received the Russia's greatest public award - the Order of the "Pride of Russia" for her outstanding contribution to the spiritual revival of the Motherland, preserving and increasing the best national traditions of art and culture, for the highest level of professionalism, dedication and charity. In 2011 she was awarded with a medal and became an Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Trustees and Partners

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Moscow Public Foundation for Support of Culture and the Development of Contemporary Art is Mark Leivikov. Vice-president of the Union of industrialists and businessmen of the Chelyabinsk region, the gentleman of a medal of UNESCO “Dialogue of cultures”. In 2004, for active participation in the promotion of the presidential program "Children of Russia" he was awarded with the gold medal "Children is the future of Russia" and the honorary diploma in the nomination "The best company in Russia. For moral ideals and exaltation of the human’s soul”. "He was awarded with a nominal diploma "For the active support of Russian sports," signed by V.Fetisova and L.Tyagacheva. In 2012 M.G.Leivikov was awarded with the title of Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts. The Board of Trustees of the Foundation includes: Advisor to the Minister of Culture of Russia, UNESCO Artist for Peace S.N. Markarov, Honored Member of the All-Russian Heraldry Society, UNESCO Artist V.P. Lysenko

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Since 2004, the Moscow Public Foundation for Support of Culture has organized more than 300 exhibitions at various sites in Moscow, including the opening of exhibitions in major cities in Russia and abroad. The Foundation unites more than 1,000 artists from national and honored to young beginners and stores about 2,000 paintings. Among them, the most valuable works of famous masters: P. Konchalovsky, Sergei Gerasimov, Y. Vasiliev.

Club of modern art’s development “Kiselev” was created on basis of Moscow Public Foundation. The club is actively engaged in the organization of auctions, organizations of private and corporate collections, actively cooperates with leading architects and designers.

The Foundation is engaged in charities: supports artists, carries out thematic and personal exhibitions, promotes modern art, helps the masters of the fine arts to get public recognition, organizes charitable auctions. The Foundation renders information support: publishes magazine “ART-House”, issues booklets, catalogues, and posters with works of artists, and publishes articles in electronic and printed mass-media.

Goals and objectives:

  • Development and comprehensive support of the modern fine arts.
  • Assistance in development of dialogue between cultures.
  • Unification of artists on a professional basis.
  • Promotion and support of talented artists.
  • Attraction of attention of business and state establishments to problems of development of the contemporary art and support of cultural traditions.
  • The organization and participation in cultural projects.
  • The organization of exhibition activity - carrying out of exhibitions of modern artists, opening days of the Soviet paintings.
  • Holding an annual Moscow International Festival of art “Traditions and Contemporaneity”.
  • -Creation of informational Internet-portal with an opportunity of access to electronic archive of Foundation.