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The VI Moscow International festival of arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity» showed a wide palette of painting and arts and crafts, opened actual tendencies of graphics and the photo, showed works of jewelry masters, sculptors and architects, and presented the newest development of museum experts.

By the festival results on July, 10, 2012 in Et Cetera theater there took place a solemn rewarding ceremony of the international award in the field of art "Vera". The bronze figurine "Vera" symbolizing belief in creativity, love and success, was handed over to winners in 22 nominations. Within the ceremony there was a concert in which took part Yuliana Rogatchyova, jazz singer, and Olga Sinyaeva, Valery Grokhovsky, Russian and American pianist, composer, Anatoly Krall, national actor of Russia, the head of an orchestra "Akademik Bend", the state chamber orchestra of jazz music by the name of Oleg Lundstrem, Boris Frumkin, art director and the main conductor, honored artist of Russia, poet and author of the lyrics of Inna Subotina, accordions duet - Kissin Alexey and Kissin Matvei, musical group "INFINI", vocalist Mari Karne, vocal and choreographic children's ensemble "Borodino", and children's school of arts No. 3 in Mytischi. The ceremony will be led by Dmitry Kharatyan, national actor of Russia, and Inna Malikova, singer, actress, and producer.

Winner list:


1. Nomination «For preservation of traditions in modern painting». Awarded - Andrey Esionov, Moscow, Russia, for the work «The Borodino battle or the white begin and give a mat in three courses», c/o, 160õ120, 2012.  

2. Nomination «For unique national originality». Awarded - Rashad Mekhtiyev, Azerbaijani Republic, for the work "Leyla", 2003, c/o, 90õ120.

3. Nomination «For originality of handwriting and identity of style». Awarded - Abram Dallakyan, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, the «Autumn symphony» project manager, for the works of Oganesyan Melkon, Gasparyan Seyran, Abramyan Sarkis, Antonyan Ovik.  

4. Nomination «For freshness of sight» (young talents). Awarded - Maryam Alakbarli, Azerbaijani Republic, for the work «Roses, roses, roses…», c/o, 70õ50, 2011.

5. Nomination «For long creative life and fidelity to the art». Project - the Belykh dynasty, GermanyRussia, for the works of Lyubov Belykh, Nadejda Belykh, Alexey Belykh.

6. Nomination «For preservation of cultural heritage and artist's memory». Awarded - Grigoriev Boris Petrovitch, Moscow, Russia, for the project «Color poetry», the work «I will cure soul with love - 4». 130õ100, c/o, 2002.

7. Nomination «For innovative experiment and novelty in composition». Awarded - project «Heavenly lift», Grechanik Alexander, Moscow, Russia.



8. Nomination «For diligence and professionalism». Awarded - Naumov Vladimir, Moscow, Russia, for the sketch on «Master and Margarita», 53õ57, mixed technique, water color, gouache, 1998.

9. Nomination «For compliance to the chosen technique». Awarded - Andrey Makarevich, Moscow, Russia, for the work «Portrait», 52õ72, mixed technique, 2011.

10. Nomination «For love to surrounding reality». Awarded - Vladimir Vasiliev, Moscow, Russia, for the work «Descent to the river», paper/water color, 61õ46, 2010.


11. Nomination «For the best use of material qualities». Awarded - Sergey Horikov, Moscow, Russia, for the work «Removal from the cross», 60õ30õ21, marble, 2012.

12. Nomination «For idea's width and grandness of its embodiment». Awarded - Andrey Kovalchuk, Moscow, Russia, for the work «Empress Maria Aleksandrovna», 2011.



13. Nomination «For esthetics in contents and form».  Awarded - Surovtseva Darya, France-Russia, for the work «My luggage», 60õ45õ45, porcelain, plexiglass. 2006-2012.

14. Nomination «For multidimensionality of image and sense». Awarded - Anatoly Shmuel Shelest, «Skizza» gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, for the works "Comments", 2012.

15. Nomination «For multidimensionality of image and sense». Awarded - Anna and Anatoly Nezhnye, Moscow, Russia, for the work «Sketch. Russian seasons», 2011.


16. Nomination «For idea's integrity and its successful embodiment». Awarded - Volkodayeva Irina, Moscow, Russia, for the work «Grand duke Alexander Nevsky, Grand duchess Alexandra Bryachislavna», author's porcelain, textiles, lace, semi-precious stones, pearls.

17. Nomination «For bright originality». Awarded - Obraztsova Tatyana, Moscow, Russia, for the triptych «Nature's secret», 375õ255, 2011.

18. Nomination «For innovative experiment and novelty in composition». Awarded - Pavel Bokanov, Moscow, Russia, the director of the art glass studio – laboratory «Glastel», for the work "Grenades", 43õ43, glass Glastel, 2011.

19. Nomination «For style's originality and identity». Awarded - «Art-Niva» Gallery, its director - Nina Poni Podgornenskaya, Moscow, Russia, for the work «Red lilies», 42õ50, 1961.


20. Nomination «For quality, enhancement and collection preservation». Awarded - «Manizer – artists union» project, Nina Manizer, Moscow, Russia, for the works of Gugo Manizer, Elena Yanson-Manizer, Matvei Manizer.

21. Nomination «For brightness and originality of exhibition work». Awarded - Commission of Romania for UNESCO, Bucharest, Romania, for the project «Romanian art and spirituality», in the face of the director, expert of UNESCO, George Petresku, for the works of Andrian Badea, Roman Mirch, Chiprian Paleologi, George Tenase.

22. Nomination «For disinterested and self-denying service to art», "Alla Bulyanskaya" Gallery, London, Great Britain, for the work of Gleb Bogomolov «1045. Aegina», c/mixed technique, 2004. 


23. Award in the field of art "Vera" is given to the official sponsor «Renova» Group, Vekselberg Victor Feliksovich, Chairman at the board of directors,

for the rendered support in carrying out the Sixth Moscow international festival of arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity».

24. For the anniversary award in the field of art "Vera" is given to Kiseleva Vera Nikolaevna, honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts, the President of the Moscow Public Fund for culture support and contemporary art development, for six-year organizational work of the festival «Traditions and Contemporaneity».


Honourable diplomas of the participants of the Sixth Moscow International Festival of Arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity» and special awards «Jury applause» are given to:

1. Anna Margulis, Moscow, Russia,

2. Matsegora Natalia, Tula, Russia,

3. Ovsiyenko Natalia, Moscow, Russia,

4. Glazkov Alexander, Moscow, Russia,

5. Nadejda Dobrodeyeva, Serpukhov, Russia,

6. Pavel Astaulov, Tambov, Russia,

7. Anara Abzhanova, Alma Ata, Kazakhstan,

8. "ROSarms", Zlotoust, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia,

9. Alexey Chirkov, St. Petersburg, Russia,

10. Evgeny Drabkin, St. Petersburg, Russia,

11. Alexander Nasekin, Cheboksary, Russia,

12. Diana Mayorova, Moscow, Russia.