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Moscow Public Fund for culture support and contemporary art development

under the aegis of


with the support of

the Moscow Department of culture

the Committee of the RF State Duma on culture

the International Fund "World for Culture and Peace"

the Federal agency "Rosintercooperation",

the Russian Academy of Arts

from July, 4 to July, 8, 2012,

in the Central Exhibition hall "Manezh"


Since July 4-8 in the Central exhibition hall "Manezh" one of the most large-scale events of Russian cultural life - the festival of arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity» which will unite tendencies and directions of modern world art - will take place. In the list of participants and the festival jury this year we have really sounding names: Mikhail Shemyakin, Vladimir Vasilyev, Andrey Esionov, Mischa Lenn, Alexander Grechanik, Manizer dynasty, Andrey Makarevich, Vyacheslav Zaytsev, Vladimir Naumov, Tahir Salakhov, Anatoly Shmuel Shelest, Zurab Tsereteli, Yefrem Zverkov and other eminent persons in modern art and culture.

The festival purpose is to open new names in modern art and to support gifted artists, not only known, but also beginning masters. For the festival five years it drew attention of artists from 40 countries, opened many new names in art, collected more than 130 thousand visitors.

The festival «Traditions and Contemporaneity» always causes audience interest by various special projects. Among projects of 2012 are:

• «Great Russia» - will unite participants from the whole Russia and the former USSR countries.

• «Far and close». The project for the compatriots living and working in the countries of the near and far abroad.

• «Patriotic war of 1812». The project is devoted to the major event in world history anniversary.

• «Charitable project». Within the project charity foundations and organizations will present creativity of people with limited abilities.

• «Unique dolls as works of art» - will bring together representatives of applied art.

Priority of the festival is not only preservation and enhancement of cultural Russian heritage and traditions of domestic art, but also communication of artists from all over the world. On one of the most important Russian exhibition platforms original works reflecting national color and traditions of different countries and peoples will be presented. Masters and galleries from Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Hungary, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Israel, Spain, Kazakhstan, Canada, Cyprus, Colombia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Poland, Russia, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, will take part in the festival.

Tahir Salakhov. Dubai. ’Parus’ hotel.In particular Romania will be represented by a big delegation. Among them are sculptors Tanase George, working in bronze, and Mircha Roman, preferring work with a tree; graphicers Kiprian Paleologu and Nikolay Alexi, painters Elena Andriy, Traian Boldya and Vitaly Butesku, and also Adrian Badya, an icon painter. The head of the international jury of the festival will be Tahir Salakhov, national artist of the USSR, Russia and Azerbaijan, Hero of socialist work, winner of the State awards of the USSR and Azerbaijan, the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Arts. His works will be also shown at the festival.


Andrey Esionov. Henry Borovik’s portrait.Within the festival exposition «Traditions and Contemporaneity» Andrey Esionov, participant of many art exhibitions in Russia and abroad, whose works were awarded by international diplomas, will present his project "Gallery 12", a portrait gallery of people, whose names, according to the painter, have entered modern Russian history. Among them are Vladimir Voinovich, Tahir Salakhov, Armen Djigarkhanyan, Henry Borovik and others. In each portrait Andrey Esionov finds in the represented person one’s many-sided nature of inner world. At the press conference devoted to the forthcoming festival of arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity», Vladimir Naumovich Naumov, the President of the National academy of cinema arts and sciences, film director,   highly appreciated Andrey Esionov’s creativity, calling him a gifted artist of the present.



Alexander Grechanik. The one who carries the boat.Another festival participant is Alexander Grechanik who within the author’s project «Soul travel in interatomic space» will create special space with the help of his own works. Written in the spirit of symbolism - the artist calls his direction «an associative realism» - a series of works is executed in glazes and united in volume and spatial composition. Minimalism and accuracy of color, special philosophy of images allow the artist to express in bright individual style spiritual layers of a person, one’s presence at once in two worlds - visible and invisible. Thereof Grechanik’s works are often compared to icons, and were repeatedly noted by world art community.


Mischa Lenn. Latino.Mischa Lenn who has created his own style in water colors takes part in the festival program. The artist unites in his works Klimt’s decorative effect, Degas’s elegance and grace,Renoir’s romanticism and Toulouse-Lautrec’s energy. In 2005 Lynn was recognized the best aquarellist of America. He also decorates scenes for musical festivals, fashion shows, dancingPavel Astaulov. In the Ryazan fields. competitions; at the same time he exposes his pictures at the exhibitions in Germany, Italy and Finland, and works in the sphere of fashionable design, in particular forDonna Karan and Calvin Klein brands. Also among participants of the festival is a Tambov painter Pavel Astaulov.


Natalia Somova. VeniceWithin the exposition Natalia Somova will open artist’s inner world. She is known for the works both in vanguard and traditional style, and also in iconography. Addressing to the Gospel plots and images of real places worldwide, such as bridges and ladders of Venice, Natalia Somova combines lines of naive art and academic painting, abstract beginning and sign and conceptual understanding of human life. Variety of ideas and styles, shown in recognizable and unique manner, will allow a viewer to get into the depths of life and death matter, in new measurements of times and spaces.



Anna Nezhnaya. Russian seasons the XXI century. Panel   Anatoly Nezhny. Russian seasons. Curtain sketch. Maryinsky Theater  A joint display will be represented by Anna and Anatoly Nezhnye, artists working in different art directions - in painting, graphics and scenography, and also in a suit genre for theater, show, platform and circus, design and polygraphs, registration of interiors and art photo. They restored scenery and suits for the «Russian seasons» ballets by Sergey Dyagilev. Works of the authors cause constant interest of collectors and they are in private collections of Europe, USA, the United Arab Emirates. Continuing traditions of the Silver century artists, pictures-transformations and sketches by Anna and Anatoly are synthesis of fine arts and self-valuable works.


Lyulov Belykh. On the sun  A series of picturesque works will be shown by Lyubov Belykh, honorary member of the Russian academy of Arts, member of the Russian Union of artists, and the International Federation of artists (IFA), whose great skills, estimated simplicity and humanity of plots public valued in Russia and Germany, where the artist lives; daughter of remarkable Kostroma painters: honored worker of arts, national artist of Russia Alexey Belykh and member of the RF Union of artists Nadejda Belykh.


Darya Surovtseva. Shadows of illusions  Sculpture and installations will make a basis of another «family project»: «Vladimir Surovtsev and son … and daughter». The works within the project will be presented not only by «person of 2011 in the field of culture» according to the version of Russian biographic institute Vladimir Surovtsev, the author of monuments to general Barclay deTolly in Chernyakhovsk, to pilots of "Normandy-Neman" in Paris and to general M. V. Skobelev in Pleven, but also his children: Daniel, the coauthor of the father on A.T.Tvardovsky and K.K.Rokossovsky monuments, soldiers of the Russian forwarding case and so forth, and Darya. They are young and proved artists.


Alexander Burganov. Bust of Alexander I      Surovtsev’s works will be presented in the framework of the project devoted to the Patriotic war of 1812 anniversary. The project will also be participated by accepted national artist of the RF Dmitry Belyukin and full member of the Russian academy of Arts, national artist of Russia, sculptor with a world name Alexander Burganov. The latter will expose a number of works, among which are a bust of Emperor Alexander I, sculptural portraits of general field-marshal Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov, and general of infanteriya Alexey Yermolov. Except that, within the project, A.S. Pushkin’s Moscow State museum will present 5 works of Denis Matsiyevsky in which he interprets a subject of the Patriotic war in an etching genre.


Oleg Putnin. Nightingale’s twilight   Valery Sidorkin. Spring evening. Pripyat   Among the participants of the festival are: painter Natalia Ovsiyenko, whose cloths were successfully exposed not only in Russia, but also in France, the USA, India and Kazakhstan; gold medalist of the international exhibitions of fine arts, a Belarusian landscape writer Valery Sidorkin; honorary member of the Autumn salon in Paris, owner of the Gold Palm tree in the section of fine arts, gentleman and honorable doctor of the International academy of modern art, adherent of realistic and impressionist direction in painting Oleg Putnin who shows direct feeling of life on his cloths.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Without a name  A separate exposition in the festival exhibition space will be presented by a well-known Russian couturier, painter, graphicer, winner of the State Russian award, and the award of the RF president, honored worker of arts, corresponding member of the Russian academy of Arts, doctor of arts, professor, honorable citizen of Ivanovo and Paris, Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Within the exposition visitors be able to see him as the founder of original works in a genre of a photo, painting, having independent art value.


Sergey Horikov. Removal  Within the festival it will be possible to get acquainted with Sergey Horikov’s works, Russian sculptor embodying surprising images in marble, appearing in the course of universal experience of mankind on an evolution way judgment by the artist. The author searches an answer to the question - «That a person is and what is his place in world around?». Choosing marble the main material for creative embodiment, the sculptor works in traditional equipment so that marble remains an equal partner with its individual character and natural importance. Sergey Horikov successfully creates unique works from the point of view of complexity and riskiness of objective performance in a stone, and from the point of view of quality of sculptural details study, keeping thus integrity and harmony of the image. Sergey Horikov is a participant of many international art exhibitions in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia and the USA. At the festival he will present his personal exposition «Immortality apples» - a project component of «Marble metaphysics», starting in February, 2012, by opening of a personal exhibition in gallery New Place Art, Netherlands. Sculptures «Gay. Immortality apples», "Typhon", "Removal" and "Transformation", conceptually connected in a whole, symbolize key stages and ways of evolution of personality and mankind as a whole. Horikov’s works are in private collections of Russia, the USA, and the Netherlands.

Dmitry Syrov. Steppe  The Stern gallery, winner of the Fifth festival «Traditions and Contemporaneity» in the nomination «For width of a plan and grandness of its embodiment», will present Dmitry Sirov’s new works, a gifted painter who in his landscapes and still lives gravitates to traditional character of impressionistic solutions, but thus avoids decorative effect.




Natalia Martsegora. Pierrot  Except projects in fine arts, at the festival arts and crafts creativity will be widely presented. So, artist Natalia Matsegora within the unique Masquerade project will present dolls "Christian Arnold Brown", "Pierrot", "Kolombina", "Hunter", «Maestro the Actor» and Tatyana Obraztsova. Secrets of nature (batic)     others. The honorary member of the Russian academy of Arts, honourable figure of Moscow arts, artist and art critic Tatyana Obrazcova will show works in batic. In her decorative panels she finds not decorative expression and interesting coloristic decisions. Armourers of the Zlatoustoyst enterprise "ROSoryjie" will show highly artistic blade weapon decorated with nickel plating, silvering, gilding and inlaid with precious and semiprecious stones. These are sabres and broadswords, dirks and daggers, and also hunting and wine sets, wall panels, souvenirs and many other things.


Vladimir Vasilyev. Overgrown pondThe national actor of the USSR and Russia, winner of Lenin and state awards of the USSR and Russia, professor of the Russian academy of theater, honourable professor of the Moscow State University, doctor of the humanities at the College Center of the USA, Vladimir Vasilyev who is known in the whole world as the genius of dance in the XX century and one of the Russian and world art giants, will present his works at the festival «Traditions and Contemporaneity». By the present moment there were already Vladimir Vasilyev’s 15 personal exhibitions in Russia - in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Pskov, Uglich, and in Europe - in Vilnius and Paris. And though he sells the works seldom, they continue to disperse in private collections of painting fans worldwide.

Ekaterina Grigoriev. I with love will cure soul At the festival pictures of a deserved artist in the Russian Federation, academician of the Petrovsky academy of sciences and arts Ekaterina Grigoryeva (1940-2003) will be presented. With her participation there were more than 150 exhibitions, from them 38 were personal. Personal exhibitions took place in the halls of the Russian academy of Arts, United Nations Organization, Central house of the artist, Moscow exhibition hall «New Manezh», Moscow Kremlin. Works of the artist were exhibited and now are in museums, galleries and private collections in the majority of European states, Australia, Hong Kong, the USA, Japan and other countries. Ekaterina Grigoryeva’s picture «I wait and dream» is in the residence of the RF President in Kremlin.


Maryam Alakbarli.   Girls on a blue background         Within the festival in an art firmament there will light up a new star - Maryam Alakbarli from Baku. Olga Sviblova, curator of her exhibition in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, gave a bright characteristic to the creativity of this young artist: «Maryam lives for art and in art, opening herself through it and having turned it into her main way of communication with the world. Perhaps, therefore her art message is so powerful and convincing».

Glastel. Pomegranate The history of glass, most mysterious material on the earth, totals to more than five and a half thousand years... As a result of unique symbiosis of the knowledge-intensive production and a highly artistic approach authors’ pictures from live glass are born. Reviving the traditions put by Russian scientists and improving achievements of the previous eras the Glastel studio laboratory will present at the festival a series of works from live glass. "Glastel" glass manufacturing techniques is a domestic know-how expanding borders of the noble material use. Being genuine art of the XXI century, works from "Glastel" increase national art property.


Matvei Manizer. PT teacherWithin the festival visitors will have a possibility to admire portrait monuments of sculptor Matvei Manizer (1891-1966), representative of the art dynasty based by the painter and teacher Henry Manizer. Generation behind generation the Manizers replenished with the names of legendary painters, artists on a suit, graphicers, sculptors and photographers. In the works created by Matvei Manizer his unique recognizable style is reflected: characteristics of the master’s sculptures are absolute accuracy in portrait person lines and documentary, dryish, almost photographic study of a set of subject details. By the hands of the virtuoso in a subject and documentary approach Matvei Manizer cult monuments were created: «Worker», established in 1920 on the Petrovsky passage in Moscow; monument to V.I.Chapayev in Samara; sculptural compositions of a monument to T.G.Shevchenko; statues of a subway platform hall «Revolution square» in Moscow and many others.

At the festival «Traditions and Contemporaneity» works of eminent artists will be present: Gleb Bogomolov, Arsene Avetisyan, Igor Cholary, Sergey Bazilev, Alexander Ivanov, Konstantin Pobedin, Anna Margulis, and Oleg Kalaytanov from «Alla Bulyanskaya’s Gallery». In the professional art market of Great Britain «Alla Bulyanskaya’s Gallery» represents original works of world famous and recognized Russian artists since 1999. In Moscow the gallery exposition is in the Central House of the artist since 1996. For these years more than hundred exhibitions including serious exhibition projects in Russia, Great Britain and other countries has been organized and carried out. The gallery repeatedly participated in such international exhibitions, as «artLONDON», «Watercolours and Drawings Fair» in London, "Art Manezh", International art salon CHA, and International festival of arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity».

Andrey Makarevich. Portrait     Among the known participants represented at the festival, there are works of the head of Mashina Vremeni (Time Mashine) music band and «Creole Tango Orchestra» Andrey Makarevich. The first exhibition of the national Russian actor took place in 1987, and now the graphic artist has had more than 30 personal exhibitions in Moscow, Petersburg, London, New York, San Francisco, Caserta, Riga and other cities. Andrey Makarevich received the "Grand Prix" award at the International Gat De Luna festival in Spain for the painting of the Imperial porcelain plant tea service "Fayv-o-kot".


Mikhail Shemyakin. Dance with fruit    Works of the Russian and American artist and sculptor, winner of the State RF award, honourable doctor of the San Francisco University Mikhail Shemyakin at the VI Moscow International festival of arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity» is one of the main surprises prepared for festival guests by «Alla Bulyanskaya’s Gallery» and the main event organizer - the Moscow Public Fund of culture support and contemporary art development by Vera Kiseleva.


VI Moscow International festival of arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity» shows a wide palette of painting and applied arts and crafts, opens actual tendencies of graphics and photography, shows works of masters in jewellery, sculptors and architects, and presents the newest development of museum experts. By the results of the festival its main award - a bronze figurine "Vera" symbolizing belief in creativity, love and success - will be given to winners. Awarding on 28 nominations will take place on a gala ceremony on July, 10 at the Et Cetera theater and will be broadcast by the Prosveshcheniye TV channel.

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