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Fifth Anniversary Moscow International Festival of Arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity»


Central Exhibition Hall "MANEZH"

March, 05th - March, 10th, 2011

Solemn opening ceremony – March, 05th, 2011


The fifth Anniversary Moscow International Festival of Arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity» - one of the brightest annual cultural events of the capital - opened its doors on March, 5th, 2011 in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh".




Participants and visitors of the Festival were addressed with a salutatory word by Salahov Tair Teymur Oglu, the Chairman of the international jury of the Festival, national artist of the USSR, Russia, Azerbaijan, winner of the State awards of the USSR and Azerbaijan, the vice-president of the Russian academy of Arts; Kiseleva Vera, the President of the Moscow Public Foundation for culture support and contemporary  art development, organizer of the annual Festival «Traditions and Contemporaneity»; Leivikov Mark, the Chairman of the Board of guardians of the MPF for culture support and contemporary art development, the Vice-president of the Industrialists and businessmen Union of the Chelyabinsk area; Surovtsev Vladimir, National artist of the Russian Federation, Member of the Moscow Union of artists, diplomant of UNESCO, member of the Public council of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, board member of the Moscow sculptors association; Agalarova Gulnara, adviser of the ambassador of the Azerbaijan republic; George Petresku, expert for UNESCO.

Solemn opening ceremony of the Festival was conducted by Kovelenov Yury, honored artist of Russia, speaker of the central television. Many musical collectives such as the first violin of "Virtuosos" Alexey Lundin, orchestra of the children’s music school AMK at the Moscow conservatory, chamber orchestra "KANTUS FIVMUS» by Hurgina A.L., and others acted at the opening ceremony. There also was a fashion show of evening and cocktail dresses by the Fashion house "Sergey Pugachev".




About 200 best painters, sculptors, photographers, artists of graphics, masters of applied art, and galleries from different countries presented their works at the fifth Moscow International Festival of Arts. Representatives of France, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Greece, the USA, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Israel, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Japan became participants of the anniversary Festival. 





Special attention art critics and visitors of the Anniversary Festival gave to the gobelins expositions of a Belgian master Edmond Dyubranfo, whose works Moscow saw for the first time. His works are a national property of Belgium. In 1957 the artist was a participant and prize-winner of the International festival of youth and students in Moscow. Also our compatriot, artist Misha Lenn, presented his own style of water colors in a "Reflection" project. Lenn’s customers include such known establishments as: the Harward University, the Boston symphonic orchestra, the Boston Ballet, magazine "Time", Kennel Club, Calvin Klein, Godiva Chocolatier, Sony etc. The most known artist in Bulgaria Pavel Mitkov expressed with a surprising expression and juiciness of colors. Painters continuing traditions of the Russian classical school were national artists of Russia Dmitry Belukin and Vasily Nesterenko. One of the central places in the exposition was given to the enamels of the national artist of the USSR Zurab Tsereteli. The artist found new effective decisions combining traditional and art trends. Gobelins of Edmond Dyubranfo had something in common with the carpets created on the basis of the remarkable art works of the national artist of the USSR, Azerbaijan, and Russia, Tahir Salahov. Portraits of Kara-Karaev, Shostakovich, Rostropovich, Petrov, a cloth "Mankind" devoted to the first flight of Yury Gagarin. All the presented carpets were handmade.





The Festival was marked by a considerable number of young talents, among whom: Marina Zhgivaleva, Dmitry Dychovichniy, Peter Frolov, Asya Oll, Evgenie Infelitsina, Pavel Burnashev, Sergey and Pavel Zaitsevy, Alexey Panov, Sergey Vorobev, Bogdan Pietrish. However it is not less important and even honorable for the organizers to show works of eminent masters: national artist of the USSR Alexander Burganov with his works «Fantastic portrait», sculptural portrait of the king of Belgium Albert II, "Muse"; works of the national artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Surovtsev. Within the limits of the Festival there was a presentation of a monument to marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky. Small works of the artist such as: « Young man and a horse», "A.P.Chehov", "Kiss", were presented. Sculptures personify rich traditions and give example of self-denying work and devotion to art. 




One of the fifth anniversary Festival features became special projects reflecting actual processes in our society, and devoted to the events of huge value for the country and the whole world. First of all, it is the project called «Great Russia» which united representatives of the federal districts of the Russian Federation.   

By the already developed tradition the art project «Doll as a work of art» was presented at the Festival. Authors of the dolls were known artists-puppeteers: N.Matsegora, Vadim Martin, Lija Pozdnyakova, Galina Chajanova, Anna Grigorieva, Tatyana Abramova, Anna Orlovskaya and many others.



In the days of the Festival one could see many  high-ranking persons such as: Plenipotentiary of the Russian President in Volga Federal district Rapota Grigory, Deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic Fedotov Aleksej, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belgium in the Russian Federation Gi Truverua, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Russian Federation Plamen Ivanov Grozdanov, Ambassador of Japan to Russia Masaharu Kono, President of the Russian academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli, national artist of the Russian Federation, fashion designer Slava Zaitsev, Bulgarian singer Biser Kirov and other outstanding figures of culture and art, as well as representatives of spiritual, political and business elite of the country, business community, and representatives of cultural centers of different countries.




The main organizer of the Festival is the Moscow Public Foundation of culture support and contemporary art development by Kiseleva V. who at the end of the Festival became an honorary member of the Russian academy of arts. On March, 11th, 2011 in the Russian academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli awarded Kiseleva Vera with a gold medal and a diploma.




All modern art is anyhow based on culture of different nations. It is necessary to reestablish communication between modern art and customs, creativity, values of ancestors in everyone’s consciousness. It is important to raise importance of traditions and history in youth. Many special projects are publicly supported, tribute to preservation of domestic cultural heritage is paid, visitors have met well-known and recognized artists and what is more important have got known new art names who will continue and develop our art and cultural traditions.