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            The Moscow international festival of arts «TRADITIONS and CONTEMPORANEITY» (further - Festival), is the annual international action, spent in the second quarter of each year, with a view of development and popularization of painting,  drawing,  sculpture, architecture, installation,  photography, museum business and applied arts. The festival is competitive. For achievements in the field of creation, preservations culture and cultural heritage developments in the modern world is awarded the award in the field of art - a bronze figurine «Vera» .


-          Support of professional art and art creativity;

-           an establishment of creative contacts between participants and increase of their professional level in the course of dialogue and an exchange of experience;

-          assistance to development of the international cooperation of artists, to expansion of contacts and communications with foreign colleagues, strengthening of international contacts and cooperation through creativity;

-          assistance of professional consolidation of the artists working in various areas of art, to increase of prestigiousness of creative trades

-          Search and advancement of young talents;

-           familiarizing of a wide audience to the best works of art  -  separate authors and art as a whole;

-           a professional estimation the products of painting, drawing,  sculpture, installation, architecture, photography and applied art;

-          Realization in context  of Festival the master classes, forums, conferences, round tables, auctions; attraction of the state structures and the commercial organizations to participation in cultural and creative projects;

-          Revival  traditions of the Russian patronage of arts;

-          Restoration of united cultural space.


            The organizer of Festival is the social organization the Moscow Social Foundation of culture support and modern art development (further - the Organizer).

            The Moscow Social Foundation of culture support and modern art development in close cooperation and contact to the partner «World for Culture and Peace» realized the activity on preparation  the organizations and realizing of the Moscow International festival of arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity».

            .For the organization and realization the actions for preparation and carrying out  the Festival are created the working bodies - Organizing committee, Exhibition committee, Management and Festival Jury.





            A subjects of competitive Festival are products of painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture, installation, photography and applied arts.

            Works and the materials represented on Festival, should correspond to the declared direction and art requirements, not to contradict the conventional ethical standards and the legislation of the Russian Federation.


3.1. The festival is spent in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh" from June 18 until June 22

3.2. Established the following terms of arrival the participants, stages of carrying out the Festival and registration of exhibition stands:

Installation of stands: - since June 17 2009 from 00.00 o’clock till June 18. 2009 14.00 o’clock.

 Dismantle of stands: - since June, 22nd 2009ã. 20.01 minutes till June, 23rd 2009  23.59 minutes.

Arrival and accreditation of participants - since 17 June 2009 00.01 o’clock till June, 18th, 2009 16.00 o’clock

The Press conference - June, 18th 2009ã. At 17.00 o’clock in CEH "Manezh"

Official opening of Festival - June 18 2009ã. At 18.00 o’clock

Festival Work - on June, 19th 2009ã. - on June, 22nd, 2009 from 10.00 o’clock till 20.00 o’clock

Delivery of the award in the field of art "Vera" - on June, 24th, 2009 at 18.00 o’clock


3.3. After official opening, the Festival is opened for visitors every day from 10.00 o’clock till 20.00 o’clock. Duration of last day of Festival work is established till 20.00 o’clock.


3.4. During realization thef Festival the exhibition hall will be closed by protection at 20 o’clock 31 minute.


3.5. The participant has the right to be at the exhibition stand from 10.00 o’clock till 20.00 o’clock:  from the moment of removal of pavilion from protection till the delivery moment under protection.




4.1. Winners of Festival are defined on following competitive nominations:



  1. For preservation of traditions in modern painting
  2. For originality of handwriting and individuality of style
  3. For unique national originality
  4. For freshness of a sight (young talents)
  5. For a long creative life and fidelity to art
  6. For preservation of a cultural heritage and memory of the artist



  1. For revival of historical traditions and national consciousness
  2. For conformity to the chosen technics
  3. For diligence and professionalism
  4. For brightness and resembles a book illustration
  5. For exclusive execution of a branded series



  1. For successful treatment of the form and volume in space
  2. For the best use of properties of a material
  3. For width of a plan and grace of an embodiment



  1. For a vision sharpness
  2. For multidimensionality of an image and sense
  3. For love to a surrounding reality



  1. For an aesthetics in the maintenance and the form
  2. For innovative experiment and novelty of a composition



  1. For integrity of a plan and a successful embodiment
  2. For a bright originality
  3. For no conventional application of known materials



  1. For the best use of modern information technologies
  2. For innovative experiment and novelty of a composition
  3. For width of a plan and grandness of an embodiment



  1. For brightness and originality of expositionaly-exhibition work
  2. For quality of preservation and collection augmentation
  3. For disinterested and self-denying service



1. The best author’s work;

2. A prize of spectator liking

3. The best project


Special prizes to the discretion of jury and sponsors.


4.2. Nominations affirm Organizing committee of Festival taking into account wishes of founders of special prizes




5.1. Working bodies of Festival are: organising committee, exhibition committee, management, the international jury.

5.2. The festival organising committee bears functions of coordination and the control of preparation and carrying out the Festival and consists of representatives of bodies of a legislative and executive power, the creative unions, authoritative art workers and art.

5.2.1. Organising committee:

                                               - Make the decision on conformity of exhibited products to the purposes and Festival tascs, art requirements, conformity to the conventional ethical standards and the legislation of the Russian Federation;

                                               - confirms competitive nominations;

                                               - confirms structure of exhibition committee confirms structure of                                       jury of Festival;

                                               - has the right to include in the program additional actions, to change terms of realization the festival actions, to cancel them in case of absence of necessary quantity of participants, or their low professional level.



            The Festival management is formed by the Organizer and is an executive office, which is coordinating and ensuring functioning of Festival.

            Festival management:

-          solves questions organizational and financial and Festival material support, including is engaged in attraction of sponsors;

-          organize reception and placing of participants and visitors of Festival;

-           organize interaction with economic and other services of a city, with culture establishments and arts, with the third parties it  concluded contracts;

-          provides safety of festival actions;

-          Realized other kinds of activity in the context of the present Position.


            The Festival management possesses the exclusive right on creation and distribution of attributes and Festival symbolic.

            For realization the tasks of the Festival the Management uses accounts and powers of the Moscow Social  Foundation of culture support and modern art development.


            For an estimation of competitive festival actions the organising committee forms by jury which spends an estimation of exhibited products on conformity to their criteria of the declared nominations and which consists of competent Russian and foreign experts in the field of culture and art.


            By a majority of votes from number of present judges by voting show of hands, the decision on award of awards of Festival makes, making out its protocol.

            The jury has the right not to award the award on separate nominations.





6.1. For participation in Festival the potential participant should direct the registration form of the demand to Organizing committee. The exhibition committee in 2 week term considers the demand of each participant and realized selection of participants in Festival. At the positive decision the participant concludes Demands-contracts and Contracts on participation (including appendices) with the Organizer of Festival. From the moment of payment the participation in Festival the potential participant is considered the Participant of Festival.


6.1.1. Participation in Festival includes electronic registration of the Participant with granting of the beidzhes-admissions, granting the right to free entrance on the festival area from 10.00 till 20.00 o’clock, in days realization the Festival. The right to participation in official actions of Festival (opening, closing), ten invitation cards on each stand from 12 sq.m. The publication of data in the program and on an official site of Festival, granting of all materials and Festival documents, including one copy of the catalogue of Festival, on the stand and free carrying out of a master class in conference hall CEH "Manezh".


6.1.2. Works of Winners of the award in the field of art "Vera" participate in an exhibition of winners of the Third Moscow International festival on the different countries and should be given organizers of Festival under the first requirement.


6.1.3. Possibility of realization of the products by sale at Festival is given to participants. The participant of festival defines the prices. Thus commission fee are not collected.


6.1.4. In the period of carrying out the ceremony of delivery of the award on art "Vera" which will take place on June, 24th, 2009 in a separate hall, nominees should be present at ceremony at evening dresses (dresses and suits).


6.2. Forms of participation in Festival:


The competitive program:

Gives the chance to become the winner of the award "Vera" in the field of art in 28 nominations and in 8 directions: painting, drawing,  sculpture, installation,  photography, architecture, applied art and museum business.


 -  Individual participation (for physical persons) – direct participation of the best artists, sculptors, architects, pastoralists and masters of an applied art from the different countries of the world which has declared by the successes in any direction graphic, arts and applied arts, in the country or in the region;

 -  Collective participation (for legal bodies) – participation of galleries, art associations, museums, auction houses and fashion houses at Festival;


The out-of-competition program:

Under the decision of the organizer the festival in participation are supposed the out-of-competition program recognized masters in the field of art of the All-Russia and world level. Participants of the out-of-competition program can be noted special prizes and Festival awards.


-          Individual participation (for physical persons) – direct participation of the best artists, sculptors, architects, pastoralists and masters of an applied art from the different countries of the world which has declared by the successes in any direction graphic and applied arts, in the country or in the region;

-          collective participation (for legal bodies) – participation of galleries, art associations, museums, auction houses and fashion houses at Festival;


6.3. In case of the collective participation the Demand-contract and the Contract for participation consist between the organization (the collective Participant) and the Executor of Festival. For the further interaction with the Organizer of Festival, the Collective Participant appoints the representative, by registration of attorney the power of when due hereunder.

6.4. For the fullest registration of individual and collective participation on the Contract of participation are applied:

 - The form of the demand-contract for 1 page. In 2 copies (the Appendix ¹1);

 - The form on placing in the catalogue of 1 page. In 2 copies (the Appendix ¹1À);

 - The form of the demand for additional services on 4 pages In 2 copies (the Appendix ¹2);

 - An instruction to participants of Festival (the Appendix ¹3);


6.5. For participation in Festival is obligatory to fill the electronic form of the Demand-contract on the Festival site and paper forms of the Demand-contract and the Contract on participation which can be unpacked from a site of Festival or to receive to the address of Management the Festival: 123104, Moscow, B.Bronnaya street, 23, build 1 Phones+7(901)519-16-27, +7(901)541-35-49, +7(901)541-35-47, +7 (901)519-71-82,+7(495) 225-44-91, tel/fax. +7(495)740-40-71 or on e-mail: and Definitive term of a demands acceptance on participation in Festival -March 31, 2009


6.6.Paper forms of Demand-contract, Contract on participation, appendixes to Contract on participation are designed in two copies each. A participant fills the indicated documents, notarizes them a seal and signature of leader (for Collective Participant), and then presents Managements of Festival (personally, through a representative, by mail or by fax). The authorized face of Organizer of Festival signs the indicated documents, notarizes a seal and passes to one copy of document Participant together with a joint account.


6.7.During five bank days Participant of Festival is under obligation to make payment by enumeration money facilities on the clearing account of Organizer the Festival. Participant carries out payment of bank charges by himself. Payment of additional services, rendered during work of Festival or at preparation to him, is produced during 3 bank days from the day of exposure of bill.


6.8. The originals of Demand-Contract and Contract on participation must be passed in Management of Festival not later than March 31, 2009


6.9. The given materials after the indicated term (date of dispatch "paper" requests fixed on the postmark of enterprise of sender) are not entertained.


6.10. From the day of receipt of Demand-Contract in an address Management of Festival, Participant and Organizer of Festival is considered entering into contractual relations based on current legislation of Russian Federation and real Statute.

6.11.After consideration of works presented for participation on Festival, on the basis of decision the exhibition committee and at a positive decision, a stand is given.


6.12.Every employee of Participant, working on a stand measuring less than 30 meters, must be accredited and be under an obligation to carry a beydzh of participant, giving an entree in a pavilion in all days of work. Accreditation of participants is included in the cost of registration payment. The amount of employees cannot exceed 3 (three) persons.


6.12.1. The quantity of employees at which stand measuring more than 30 meters can register 6 (six) persons.


6.12.2. For accreditation of Participants it is necessary to fill an instruction of the participant (the Appendix ¹3 to the Contract on participation) and to present it to Festival Management (personally, through the representative, by fax or by mail) not later than March, 31st, 2009


6.13. Delivery of works and materials in festival Management is realized at the expense of the Participant of Festival.


6.14. The organization of reception the Participant of Festival, booking, placing in hotels of a Moscow city is carried out under the forward ordering of the Participant the Festival, directed to Festival Management.


6.15. The management of Festival by request of the Participant and at his expense renders additional services according to the quotations established by the Organizer of Festival.


6.15.1. For the order of additional services it is necessary for Participant to fill the form of the demand for additional services (the Appendix ¹2 to the Contract on participation) and to present its Managements of Festival (personally, through the representative, by fax or by mail) not later than March, 31st, 2009. At infringement of the specified terms of application the Management of Festival does not guarantee its timely performance. The order should be signed the head of the organization or the authorized person.


6.15.2. Certificates of delivery-acceptance of the rendered services and the executed works are made out during Festival by plenipotentiaries of the parties operating on the basis of the power of attorney, or sent by mail.


6.16. Placing by the Participant of any kinds of the outdoor advertising out of the stand probably only in certain places in coordination with the Organizer of Festival and after payment of the corresponding sum which is not included in cost of the ordered services. For the order of the given services, it is necessary to fill the form of the demand for additional services, according to item 6.15.1.


6.16.1. Any sound or moving advertising should be in writing coordinated with the Organizer of Festival in order to avoid hindrances for other participants of action.


6.17. The Festival management publishes to Festival opening the official catalogue with the information about Participants.


6.17.1. The participant must fill the demand for placing in the catalogue (the Appendix 1À) to give in Management the information for placing in the catalogue in two languages (Russian and English) not later than March 31, 2009


6.17.2. The participant can place in the official catalogue any additional advertising information about himself and his organization at additional expense, having filled the form of the demand for additional services, according to item 6.15.1.


6.18. Organizers of Festival do not bear responsibility for reliability of the information presented by the Participant and advertising materials, for observance of copyrights at reproduction of audio-video of advertising.


6.18.1. The organizer of Festival reserves the right to itself the consent of Participants of festival to use their work or materials in manufacture of advertising production and   his name use in activity of annual Moscow International festival of arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity».


6.18.2. Organizers of Festival invite participants of Festival to give works and to take part in charitable auction, which will take place on June 21, 2009.


6.19. The participant should possess legitimate rights for the work presented on Festival or materials and to observe the legislation on copyrights (use of the borrowed or joint workings out demands the reference to the author or its permission to using the copyright).


6.20. The participant can refuse participation in Festival, having notified the Organizer of Festival in written form. If refusal has followed until November, 30th, 2008 to the Participant the means listed to it minus the sum suffered to organizers of Festival of expenses come back. If refusal has followed after November, 30th, 2008 money resources to the Participant of Festival do not come back.


6.21. The participant can be disqualified for infringement of conditions of the present Position or for the behavior, which is not corresponding to the standard norms. Money resources in that case do not come back.




7.1. All assembly and dismantling works on installation of the equipment and registration of stands are made within the given area.


7.2. Technical requirements to building of stands:


-          The participant is not allowed to dismantle independently any elements of a design the stand;

-            Allowed fixing of exhibits to walls panels in any ways which are not leading to mechanical damages of panels or their damage (nails, the screws not removed either painting an adhesive tape or glue etc.)

-           it is forbidden fix works and materials to the equipment and a pavilion floor;

-          participants categorically are forbidden to eliminate own forces of malfunction in work of the electric equipment established at the stand, and also independently to make connection of electro devices to regular sources of power supplies of an exhibition hall;

-           it is not recommended to erect deaf partitions of the big extent, especially along borders of the stands leaving in passes;

-            the equipment and works of Participants should settle down within the area allocated with it and not to block up passes, has the right to rearrange or clean at the expense of the Participant everything that can disturb to normal work of Festival;

-           carrying out of any details of a design of the stand for borders of the exhibition area ordered by the Participant is not allowed;



7.3. The participant should hand over under the certificate all rented equipment to the Executor in good repair before the dismantle termination.


7.4. In case of damage of panels and details of a design the Participant should pay their cost.


7.5. All in addition design Participant and construction services, and also the equipment are paid for separate accounts till March, 31st, 2009


7.6. Exposition dismantle can be begun only after official closing of Festival. The participant should finish participation in Festival not later than 20.00 hours on June 22, 2009


7.7. Exposition dismantle begins on June 22, 2009 from 20.01 minutes until June 23, 2009 till 23.59 minutes.





8. The organizer of Festival has the right to make changes and additions to Position about carrying out of the Third Moscow International festival of arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity».