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The third Moscow International Festival of Arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity»

Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", Manezhnaja square, 1.

June, 18th - June, 22nd 2009

The Moscow international festival «Traditions and Contemporaneity» is included in the «List of socially significant cultural actions of Moscow in 2009» by the Moscow Government order ¹ 221-RP of 16.02.09.

 On June, 18th, 2009 the solemn opening of the Third Moscow International festival of arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity» took place.





Best painters, sculptors, photographers, masters of graphics, architects, museums, masters of applied arts, and galleries from 22 countries of the world took part in it. Wide geography of participants and courageous genre variety – from modern photo to museum business – remain the main feature of the Festival.

At the solemn opening and the festival press conference there were: main architect of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the president of the International Academy of Architecture, Moscow branch -  Platonov Jury Pavlovich; winner of the State awards of the USSR, National artist of the USSR and Azerbaijan, the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Arts - T.T.Salahov; the Chairman of the Board of guardians at the Moscow Social Fund of Culture Support and Contemporary Art Development, the vice-president of the Union of Industrialists and Businessmen of the Chelyabinsk region - M.G.Lejvikov; the head of the Federal Agency "Rusintercenter" - F.M.Muhametshin; the President of the Club of doll collectors in Russia - S.Pchelnikova; the Chairman of the Club of fine arts collectors - V.A.Dudakov and many others.


The festival proved itself to be a bright and dynamically developing cultural project which for the third time already gathers together almost all art forms and directions in Moscow. For the five days of the Festival master classes, forums, press conferences, individual shows of different artists and welfare funds took place in the conference hall "Manezh". Numerous creative collectives from different republics, musicians, and singers accompanied the Festival by their national color. On the opening day the Festival was visited by more than 8000 persons.

In 2009 with the increase in number of participants and in order to improve the objectivity of estimation the quantity of nominations was raised up to 28. Participants were both recognized masters and beginning artists. Interest of the already known artists showed the status of the Festival while attention of the young artists showed its urgency and perspectives.



Special projects were represented by «the Moskva River in Moscow» - an architectural project, curator A.Novgorodsky, the President of the National association of ship-owners. A good tradition is the participation of the charitable project «Parade of star dolls» and the project «World Dolls» - directed by Svetlana Pchelnikova. The project of Vyacheslav Petrov-Gladky "RETRO-USSR" and gallery «The House of Maitreya» (the USA, Hollywood). Pupil of Salvador Dali from Portugal - Onik Sahakian, artists of Pierre Cardin, France.

This time known artists debuted at the festival: Vyacheslav Zaitsev, well-known fashion designer, showed to the public his photo works for the first time. Works from private Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya collection, gallery "Marecevic", A.Plastov’s collection, gallery "Aidan", and gallery «Colony» considerably expanded the art range.




Many participants of the festival were beginning artists, what is no wonder, as one of the Festival overall objectives is to open new names. In Manezh dolls, photography, paintings of different schools, styles and times were collected. In the center the Mamontov Gallery was located. The exposition was accurately divided into two parts: Kukryniksi heritage and Silver Age Art which gave a chance to peer at the refined painting and graphics of Michael Vrubel, Robert Falk, Konstantin Korovin, Alexander Bogomazov. Military caricatures of Kukryniksi draw attention of young visitors. Opposite the Mamontov Gallery there was the exposition of the Club of Fine Art Collectors which chairman is Dudakov V.A. Here painting and drawing were more various.





On June, 19th, 2009 at 16.00 in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh" a presentation of the monument to A.D.Saharov, great scientist, public figure, academician, Nobel peace prize winner, humanist and citizen, took place. The monument presentation passed within the frameworks of the modern art exhibition «Traditions and Contemporaneity». The author of the monument is a world famous sculptor Grigory Pototsky, author of more than 55 monuments in Russia and in the world, founder of the World museum of intelligence, founder and the president of the International Academy of Kindness. On the presentation there were representatives of the government, scientific, creative and business elite, representatives of embassies from different countries of the world.

Painting, sculpture, architecture, photo, applied art, graphics – such different projects were represented by artists from Armenia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain, Kazakhstan, Canada, Colombia, Lithuania, Portugal, Poland, Russia, the USA, Tatarstan republic, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Czechia.

On June, 20th the international jury which is to define the winners of the Festival started working.



The solemn awarding ceremony of the Third Moscow International Festival of Arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity» took place on June, 24th at 18:00 at ET CETERA theatre by Alexander Kalyagin.



The purpose of the Moscow International Festival of Arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity» is the opening of new names, establishment of creative contacts between participants and increase of their professional level in the course of a dialogue and experience exchange, assistance to the development of international cooperation of artists, expansion of contacts, and strengthening of international contacts and cooperation through creativity.

 According to numerous experts, collectors, critics and Moscow public the festival became a bright event in cultural life of not only Moscow, but also the whole Russia.