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The awarding ceremony in the field of art "VERA"

Based on the results of the Third Moscow International Festival of Arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity»


On June, 24th at ET CETERA Theatre - which art director is Alexander Kalyagin – a solemn awarding ceremony "Vera" took place based on the results of the Third Moscow International Festival of Arts «Traditions and the Contemporaneity» which was from June, 18th till June, 22nd in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh".

The ceremony was a beautiful and joyful end of the Festival.


A bronze figurine "Vera" is a new award in the field of fine arts. The award symbolizes belief in creativity, love and success. The award is a visible embodiment of self-confidence and a stimulus for further creativity for the nominees. The creator of the image of "Vera" is a deserved Russian artist Victor Mitroshin, author of prizes for many Russian and foreign competitions.

In 2009 the award was given in 28 nominations by eight directions. About 300 artists from Russia, some CIS countries, Europe, Asia and the USA struggled for the award.



On the solemn evening there were members of the Organizing committee of the Festival, judges, and nominees. Representatives of political and business elite of the country, outstanding art figures, collectors, gallery holders, artists, representatives of embassies and cultural centers of participating countries were at the significant event as well.



List of the awarding persons:

- Salahov Tair Tejmurovich, national artist of the USSR, Russia and Azerbaijan, winner of state awards of the USSR and Azerbaijan, the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Arts, hero of the socialist work

- Marts Lyudmila Viktorovna, director at the sculpture department of XX – beg. XXI centuries at the State Tretyakov Gallery, correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Arts

- Platonov Jury Pavlovich, the President of the International Academy of Architecture, Moscow branch, main architect of the Russian Academy of Sciences

- Muhametshin Farit Mubarakshevich, the Head of the Federal Agency "Rosintercenter"

- Zelukina Tatyana Sergeevna, candidate of art criticism sciences, keeper of the «Property of nationalities» Fund at the State Tretyakov Gallery

- Bazhanova Margarita, the director of the Russian museum of applied arts and folk art

- Kabo Olga, actress, deserved actress of Russia, member of the Stuntmen Association of Russia.

- Novgorodsky Andrey Valerevich, the President of the National Association of Ship-owners.

- Leivikov Mark Georgievich, the Chairman of the Board of guardians at the MSF for culture support and contemporary art development, the Vice-president of the industrialists and businessmen union in the Chelyabinsk area.

- Kiseleva Vera Nikolaevna, the President of the Moscow Social Fund for culture support and contemporary art development.

- Oleg Mityaev, honored artist of Russia.

- Avtonomova Natalia Borisovna, director of the personal collections department at the State Museum of Art by A.S.Pushkin.


In the celebratory concert devoted to the solemn awarding ceremony at the Third Moscow International Festival of Arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity», known musicians and artists took part: singer Noskov Nikolay; singer Eddi Butler (Israel), winner of "Eurovision"; national actor of Russia, conductor, composer and pianist of russian jazz and pop Anatoly Kroll; honored artist of Russia Oleg Mityaev; pianist, honored artist of Russia Daniel Kramer; national actor of Russia Kyznetsov Alexey; «Devyatovs’ Duet», national actor of Russia Vladimir Devyatov, Marina Devjatova; honored artist of Russia Sergey Zhilin; actor, singer Leonid Serebryannikov; jazz saxophonist, vocalist, composer Anna Koroleva; jazz saxophonist Anna Buturlina; jazz band «Moscow Ragtime Band»; accordionist-virtuoso Peter Dranga; Group "Kvatro"; Children’s theatre "Ecol’".



Dmitry Haratyan, honoured artist of Russia, and Marina Esipenko, deserved actress of Russia, conducted the ceremony.

The Moscow International Festival of Arts and the award "Vera" confirmed their status as one of the brightest annual events in the cultural life of Russia, the CIS, and countries of Europe, Asia and America.

All the visitors pointed out the extraordinary scale of the action and expressed their confidence that the festival would have big future.



Thanks to vigorous activity and developing projects the Festival remains the event which cultural influence and public resonance grow every year. The festival proves itself as a bright and dynamically developing cultural project which has for the third time already collected almost all art forms and directions in Moscow. The success of the Festival gives a good stimulus to the organizers to work over the project of further development of the Moscow International Festival of Arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity».