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Laureates of the Festival award – the bronze figurine “BELIEF”


Nomination «For preservation of traditions in modern painting»
Gulamov Farman, deserved artist of Azerbaijan, f
or the work "Farewell", 2007, oil on cardboard, 70x60;


Nomination «For original handwriting and individual style»

Onik Sahakian, Portugal,

for the work "Metamorphosis", 2001,

oil on canvas, 45ő55;



Nomination «For unique national originality»

Edilberto Calderon, Columbia,

for the work "Griphs", 100ő80, oil on canvas, 1996;



Nomination «For unique national originality»

Nomination «For unique national originality»

Malka Tsentsiper, Israel,

for the work "Wedding Whirl",

70x100, acrylic on canvas, 2006;





        Nomination «For long creative life and fidelity to art»

       Altaev S.P., honored worker of the Russian Federation,

       for work «I.K.Skrynik, mechanic-electrician of the locomotive depot at Podmoskovnaya station»,

       oil on canvas, 1970;



Nomination «For preservation of cultural heritage and memory of an artist»

Arkady Plastov, for the project «Images of a pure soul» by Nikolay Plastov



Nomination «For preservation of cultural heritage and memory of an artist Hachaturjan Gajane»,

the project «Memory of Gajane», gallery «Atelier 17»;



      Nomination «For preservation of traditions in modern painting»,

      "Aidan Gallery ", for a triptych «World of Salvador Dali. Port L’igart»,

      2009, oil on canvas, 145x227, by T.T.Salahov, national artist of the USSR,

      Azerbaijan, academician, winner of the State awards of the USSR;



Nomination «For preservation of traditions in modern painting»,

gallery «Stella ART International», head is Madam Stella Kalinina,

for Aleksey Bobrusov’s work "Letter from July, 28th, 2008", 2008,

water colour/distemper/ collage/paper, 55ő75;



         Nomination «For preservation of traditions in modern painting»,

       gallery «ŔRT Season», head is Nadezhda Badakova,

       for Jury Popkov’s work, «Expectation. Sculptor A.Pologova»;



Nomination «For preservation of cultural heritage and memory of an artist»,

Club of Fine Art Collectors, chairman is Valery Dudakov,

for the work "Golgotha", 1925, oil on canvas, 72ő72;



Nomination «For preservation of traditions in modern painting»,

gallery «ART Agency Colony», head and artist is Igor Kormyshev,

for the work "Carnival", 2009, oil on canvas, 80ő100;





       Nomination «For successful treatment of form and volume in space»:

       Vejdi Rashidov, Bulgaria, member of the European Academy of arts,

       for the work "Images", 2006, Bronze, 50x20x20;



Nomination «For width of a plan and grace of an embodiment»:

Smirnov Alexander, member of the Russian Artists Union,

winner of the award of Victor Popkov, f

or the work «Pray about travelling», 2007, bronze, stone, tree, 40ő56ő20;





Nomination «For sharpness in vision »: Slava Zaitsev,

National artist of the Russian Federation, winner of the State award,

for the project «Man’s NU»



Nomination «For multidimensionality of image and sense»:

Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya, correspondent member of the Russian Academy of arts,

for the work "Marquis", model Anna Snatkina;





Nomination «For aesthetics in maintenance and form»:

Grinberg Vadim, for the work "To the memory of Pavarotti»,

2009, 221ő160ő12;





Applied Arts

Nomination «For plan integrity and successful embodiment»:

Hildegard Gunzel, Germany, for the work "Arlekino",

porcelain, 78 s-m, 2009;



Nomination «For bright originality»:

Zhostovo Decorative Art Manufacture, Moscow region,

for the work of Eugenia Meshkova, "Dog rose", 2007,

metal, varnish, oil, oil paints, 105ő83;



Nomination «For non-conventional application of known materials»:

Ivanov Nikolay, Moscow, for the composition «From the surface to the bottom»,

moulding, bronze, cupronickel, 2007-2009




Nomination «For conformity to the capital shape»: Competition of innovative objects on water «the Moscow river in Moscow», to the group of inspirations and the competition organizers: International Architectural Academy, Moscow branch, Center of Modern Architecture, and National Association of Ship-owners, to the President of the International Architectural Academy, Moscow branch - Jury Pavlovich Platonov, academician, national architect of the USSR, honorable architect of Russia.

1 place - GUP MNIIP “Mosproject-4” (D.V.Bush), project "Free Space";

2 place - Architectural workshop of "Totan Kuzenbaev", project "Laboratory";

3 place - Architectural workshop of A.Asadov, project "Plavbulvar".



Museum Business

Nomination «For brightness and originality of exhibition work»:

"Mamontova Gallery", head is Marina Mamontova,

for the work of Robert Falk "Blue birches in winter" 1906-1907,

oil on canvas;



Nomination «For quality of preservation and augmentation of collection»:

gallery «MARICEVIC FINE ART», head Maxim Bedov,

for the work of Aleksey and Sergey Tkachyovy "At the well" (Winter), 1980,

oil on canvas, 70ő107;



Nomination «For disinterested and self-denying service»:

«Moscow State ART» gallery of Alexander Shilov,

for the work «For Belief and Fatherland»,

oil on canvas, 2008.



Special prizes

«Best project» goes to “Mamontova Gallery”, head is Mamontova Marina. The prize is handed over by the Official Flower Designer Araik Galstian.


Honorable diplomas of the participant of the Third Moscow International Festival of Arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity» and special award «Jury’s Applause» are awarded to:

Mandzhos Andrei (Moscow, Russia)

Safina Valentina (Moscow, Russia)

Saibedinov Alexander (Tomsk, Russia)

Obukhovskiy Yury (Moscow, Russia)

Hasaev Chingis-han (Chechen Republic)

International Foundation Erzia (Moscow, Russia)

Zinovkina Galina (Bryansk, Russia)

Virginia Kel’e (Moscow, Russia)

Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky («The House of Maitreya. Hollywood»)

Nosova Svetlana (Moscow, Russia)

George Levi (Paris, France)

Aidarov Alias (Moscow, Russia)

Ismailov Maxim (Tatarstan Republic) 

Cherney Victor (Moscow, Russia)

Pototsky Grigory (Moscow, Russia) – for the project “Andrew Sakharov’s monument” 

Nazim Mehmet (Turkey)

Popkov Yury (Moscow, Russia)

Safaryan Suren (Armenia)

Martz Irina (Moscow, Russia)

Surovtsev Vladimir (Moscow, Russia)

Museum of A.N. Burganov (Moscow, Russia)

Samoukova Elena (Canada)

Klukin Pavel (Moscow, Russia) - for preservation of heritage and memory of an artist

Timchenko Alla (Moscow, Russia)

Belenikin Valery (USA)

Vorob’ev Eugenia (Moscow, Russia)

Troshin Sergey (Moscow, Russia)

Khabirov Vyacheslav (Moscow, Russia)

Melojan Gegam (Armenia)

Vaitkevicius Vidmantas (Lithuania)

Davidov Vyacheslav (Moscow, Russia)

Kuklacheva Ekaterina (Moscow, Russia)

Tsvetkov Oleg (Moscow, Russia)

Orazbaeva Ajgul’ (Kazakhstan Republic)

Gallaterra (Moscow, Russia)

Museum «Ravnovesie» (Foundation «Philanthropist») (Moscow, Russia)

MOOI «Pilgrim» (Moscow, Russia)

Regional Social Organization of Disabled Children «Inva-Studio» (Krasnodar, Russia)

Franskevich-Eransson Olga (Moscow, Russia)

Smagina Irina (Moscow, Russia)

Orenburg Regional Museum (Orenburg, Russia)

Druzhinin Konstantin (Moscow, Russia)

Watch company «TSEDRO» (Moscow, Russia)

Michele Susini (France)

Celine Mallet (France)

Alexei Bobrusov (France-Russia)

Anna Kocharyan (France)

Vera Arutyunyan (USA)

Rinat Animaev (France-Russia)

Istvan Necsco (France-Hungary)

Lucien Gondret (France)