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1.1. The Moscow International Festival of Art «TRADITIONS & CONTEMPORANEITY» (hereinafter referred as The Festival) is an annual international event carried out to develop and popularize painting, graphic art, sculpture and applied arts.

The Festival is a competition. For achievements in the field of creating, preserving and developing culture and cultural heritage in modern world the award – the bronze “Vera” figurine – is bestowed.

1.2. Concerns of the Festival:

  • Support of professional art and artistic creativity;
  • Establishing creative contacts between the participants and increasing their professional level in the process of communication and exchanging of experience;
  • Assistance in developing international cooperation of artists, widening contacts and connections with foreign colleagues, strengthening international connections and creative cooperation;
  • Assistance in professional consolidation of artists working in different fields of art, increasing the prestige value of creative professions;
  • Search and promotion of young talents;
  • Inclusion of a wider audience to the best art works of separate authors and to art in whole;
  • Professional estimation of paintings, graphic works, sculptures, installations, photographs and works of applied arts;
  • Carrying out master-classes, forums, conferences, round tables, auctions within the frames of the Festival;
  • Engaging government institutions and commercial organizations into participation in cultural and creative projects;
  • Rebirth of traditions of Russian patronship;
  • Restoration of the united cultural space.

1.3. Moscow Social Foundation of Culture Support and Contemporary Art Development is the Organizer of the Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer).

1.4. For organization and realization of the events for preparing and carrying out the Festival the working units are created – the Orgcommitte, the Management and the Jury of the Festival.


2.1. The works of painting, graphic art, sculpture, photography and applied arts are the subject of the competitive Festival.

2.2. Works and materials presented at the Festival must correspond to the declared direction and artistic demands and must not contradict to the recognized ethic norms and the legislation of the Russian Federation.


3.1. The Festival takes place in the Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh” on March 07-11, 2008.

3.1.1. The ceremony of remuneretion with the bronze statuette «VERA» will take place on the 13 of March (place and time of is defined more exectly).

3.2. The following terms of check-in of the participants, steps of the Festival and design of the exhibition stands:

Check-in and accreditation of the participants
Assembling of equipment, design of stands
from March 07, 2008, 00.00 am to March 07, 2008, 04.00 pm
Official opening of the Festival March 07, 2008, 06.00 pm
Working period of the Festival March 08-11, 2008, from 10.00 am to 08.00 pm
Removal of exhibits from March 11, 2008, 08.01 pm to March 12, 2008, 11.59 pm
The ceremony of renumeration March 13, 2008, 06.00 pm

3.3. After the official opening the Festival is open for visitors every day from 10.00 am. to 08.00 pm. Duration of the last working day of the Festival finishes at 04.00 pm.

3.4. During the Festival the exhibition pavilion will be closed by security at 08.31 pm.

3.5. A Participant has the right to be present at the exhibition stand from 10.00 am to 08.00 pm, which means from the moment of taking the security off the pavilion to the moment of handing the pavilion over to the security.


4.1. Winners of the Festival are defined in the following nominations:

PAINTING 1 For the preservation of traditions in contemporary painting
2. For the originality of handwriting and the individuality of style
3. For the unrepeatable national identity
4. For the abstract deepness and associational counterpoint
GRAPHIC ART 5. For the rebirth of historic traditions and national consciousness
6. For originality of the ideas and uniqueness of the authorship
7. For the conformity of the chosen techniques to the art world reception
8. For industry and professionalism
SCULPTURE 9. For successful treatment of form and scope in space
10. For experiments in creation of form
11. For the best use of properties of the material
PHOTOGRAPHY 12. For the sharpness of seeing and discipline of thought
13. For multidimensionality of image and sense
14. For love to surrounding reality
INSTALLATION 15. For aesthetics in contents and form
16. For innovative experiment and newness of composition
APPLIED ARTS 17. For the wholeness of idea and successful incarnation
18. For a bright distinctness
19. Non-conventional application of known materials
20. For the freshness of a look (young talents)
21. For a long creative life and faithfulness to art

4.2. The nominations are approved by the Festival Orgcommitte with consideration of wishes of establishers of the special prizes.


5.1. The Orgcommitte, the Management and the competitive Jury are the working units of the Festival.

5.2. The Festival Orgcommitte bears the functions of coordination and control of preparing of the Festival, and consists of the representatives of legislative and executive power institutions, creative unions, authoritative cultural and art personalities.

5.2.1. The Organizing Committee:

  • Takes decision about the correspondence of the exhibited works to aims and concerns of the Festival, recognized ethic norms and the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Approves competitive nominations;
  • Approves the staff of the Festival Jury;
  • Has the right to include into program additional events, to change the terms of carrying out Festival events, to cancel them in case of the insufficient number of participants or their low professional level.

5.3. The Management of the Festival is formed by the Organizer and is in itself an executive body, coordinating and providing the work of the Festival.

5.3.1. The Management of the Festival:

  • Solves the matters of the organizational, financial and technical supply of the Festival, including engaging of sponsors;
  • Organizes reception and accommodation of the Festival guests;
  • Organizes cooperation with economic and other city services, with culture and art institutions, with third parties in accordance with concluded contracts;
  • Provides safety of the Festival events;
  • Realizes other activities within the frames of the resent Statement.

5.3.2. The Festival Management possesses exclusive right for creating and distributing Festival attributes and symbols.

5.3.3. To realize the goals of the Festival the Management uses accounts and authorizations of Moscow Social Foundation of Culture Support and Contemporary Art Development.

5.4. For estimation of the Festival competitive events the Orgcommitte forms the Jury, which estimates the exhibited works concerning criterions of declared nominations and which consists of competent Russian and foreign specialists in the field of culture and art.

5.4.1. The Jury with the help of an open voting by majority of voices takes a decision concerning adjudgement of the Festival awards, finalizing it with minutes.

5.4.2. The Jury has the right not to bestow the prizes in separate nominations.


6.1. Participation in the Festival is formalized by concluding the Application-Contract and the Contract for participation (including Addenda) with the Organizer of the Festival. A potential participant is considered to be The Festival Participant from the moment of payment for participation in the Festival.

6.1.1. Participation in the Festival includes electronic registration of the Participant with providing with badges permitting free entrance to the Festival ground from 10.00 am to 08.00 pm during the working days of the Festival; the right for participation in official events of the Festival (opening, closing); publication of the information in program and on official internet-site of the Festival; providing with all the materials and documents of the Festival, including one copy of the Festival catalogue; carrying out master-classes.

6.2. Types of participation in the Festival:

  • Individual participation (for individuals) – direct participation of the best artists, sculptors and workers of applied arts from different countries of the world who stated their success in any trend of fine art and crafts in their own country or region;
  • Collective participation (for legal persons) – participation of galleries, art unions, museums, auction houses and fashion houses in the Festival.

6.3. In case of a collective participation an application-contract is signed between an organization (a collective Participant) and the Organizer of the Festival. For further cooperation with the organizer of the Festival a Collective Participant appoints his representative and forms power of attorney in a stated order.

6.4. For a full form of individual and collective participation a list of enclosures is applied:

  • Application-Contract form on 1 page in 2 copies (Addendum 1);
  • Application form for additional services on __ pages in 2 copies (Addendum 2);
  • Application form for accreditation of employees on 1 page in 1 copy (Addendum 3);
  • List of works and materials presented at The Festival on 1 page in 1 copy (Addendum 4);
  • Reminder for The Participants of The Festival (Addendum 5).

6.5. For participation in the Festival it is essential to fill the electronic Application-Contract form on the internet page as well as originals of the Application-Contract and Contract for participation, which can be printed out of the Festival internet page or receive at the Festival Management at the following address: Russia, 09052 Moscow, Nizhegorodskaya Str., 31, building 4, porch 7, 6 floor, office of the Moscow Social Foundation of Culture Support and Contemporary Art Development, phone/fax nr: +7 495 225-44-91, or by ĺ-mail: The deadline for receiving of the applications is November 30, 2007.

6.6. The originals of the Application-Contract, Contract for participation, Addenda to the Contract, are each made in two copies. The Participant fills in the mentioned documents, ensures by stamp and signature of the leader of organization (for a legal person) hands them over to the Management (in person, by post mail or by fax). An authorized person of The Organizer of The Festival signs the mentioned documents, ensures by stamp and hands over one copy of the document to The Participant together with total invoice.

6.7. During five banking days from the date of the invoice the Participant must complete the payment through the money transfer to the settlement account of The Organizer of The Festival. The banking expenses for the payment are covered by The Participant. The payment for additional services rendered during the work of The Festival or preparation to it is realized during three banking days from the date of the invoice. The fine for the untimely payment against invoices for additional services makes 0,5 % of the sum of the bill for each day of delay.

6.8. The originals of the application-contract and the Contract for participation must be handed over to The Organizer of the Festival before November 30, 2007.

6.9. Incomplete or sent after the mentioned date materials (the date of the “paper” applications’ dispatch is fixed according to the postal stamp of the sender) are not taken into consideration.

6.10. From the moment of delivery of the application-contract to The Organizer of The Festival, The Participant and The Organizer of The Festival are considered to be in the privity of contract based on the current legislation of the RF and the present Statement.

6.11. According to the application-contract the Management of The Festival allocates the stand space and defines its location on the general plan of the Festival ground.

6.12. Each employee of the Participation working at the stand must be accredited and must wear a badge, which gives the right to enter the pavilion in all working days. The number of employees must not exceed 3 (three) persons.

6.12.1. For accreditation of the Participants it is necessary to fill the application for accreditation of participants form (Addendum 3 to the Contract for participation) and hand it over to the Festival Management (in person, with representative, by fax or by post mail) before December 31, 2007.

6.13. Delivery of works and materials to the Orgcommitte is done at the expense of the Participant of the Festival.

6.14. Arranging of reception of the Festival Participant, ticket booking, accommodation in Moscow hotels is done according to the previous application of the Festival Participant sent to the Management of the Festival.

6.15. The Management of the Festival according to the Participant’s order and at his expense renders additional services in accordance with the prices established by the Festival Organizer.

6.15.1. For the order of additional services the Participant must fill the additional services application form (Addendum 2 to the Contract for participation) and hand it over to the Festival Management (in person, with representative, by fax or by post mail) before November 30, 2007. In case of breaking terms of applying the Festival Management does not guarantee its timely fulfillment. The order must be signed by the leader of organization or by an authorized representative.

6.15.2. Reports of acceptance of the rendered services are made during the Festival by authorized representatives of the Parties, acting on the basis of a power of attorney, or are sent by post mail.

6.16. Allocation of any kinds of the outdoor advertising by the Participant outside of the stand is possible only in certain places in accordance with the Festival Organizer and after a payment of a corresponding amount, not included into the value of the ordered services. To order the services the application for additional services form must be filled, in accordance with the clause 6.15.1.

6.16.1. Any auditory or moving advertising must be accorded in written form with the Management of The Festival to avoid disturbance of the other participants of the Festival.

6.17. The Management of the Festival issues an official catalogue with the information about the Participants before the opening of the Festival.

6.17.1. The Participant is obliged to provide the Management of The Festival with the information to be published in the official catalogue of The Festival (in English) before November 30, 2007.

6.17.2. The Participant can publish in the official catalogue any additional advertising information about himself or his organization for additional payment by filling the application for additional services form, in accordance with the clause 6.15.1.

6.18. The Organizer of The Festival does not bear responsibility for authenticity of the information and advertising materials presented by The Participant, for observance of copyright during the audio-video advertising presentation.

6.19. The Participant must possess legal copyright for the work or materials presented at the Festival and observe the copyright legislation (the use of adopted or joint developments demands reference to the author or his permission to use the copyright).

6.20. The Participant can refuse to participate in the Festival by notifying The Organizer of The Festival in written form. If the refusal is sent before November 30, 2007, the cash assets are returned to the Participant with the deduction of expensesincurred by The Organizer of The Festival. If the refusal is sent after November 30, 2007, the cash assets are not returned to the Participant.

6.21. The Participant can be disqualified for breaking the conditions of the present Statement or for behavior not corresponding to the recognized norms. The cash assets in this case are not returned.


7.1. All assembling and dismantling works for equipment mounting and design of stands are done within the provided area.

7.2. Technical demands for construction of the stands:

  • The Participant is not allowed to dismantle any element of the stand construction by himself;
  • It is forbidden to fix exhibits to the wall panels in any way which will cause mechanical damage of the panels (nails, screws, keeping on or coloring scotch or glue etc.)
  • It is forbidden to fix works to the equipment and to the floor of the pavilion;
  • Participants are not allowed to correct faults of the power supply system and to hook up to the standard power sources by themselves;
  • It is not allowed to build long dumb partitions, especially along the stands’ borders facing the passages;
  • Equipment and works of the Participant must be located within their stand space, not in the passages. The organizer has the right to re-set or take away anything that can disturb the work of the Festival;
  • It is forbidden to take away any part of the stand construction outside of the exhibition space.

7.3. Participant must return all the rented from the Organizer equipment in working condition before dismantling finishes.

7.4. If the wall panel or construction details are damaged the Participant must pay their value.

7.5. All additionally ordered design, construction and mounting services, as well as equipment, are paid against separate invoices before December 31, 2007.

7.6. Dismantling of the exposition can begin only after the official closing of the Festival. The Participant must finish his participation in the Festival before 11.59 pm, March 12, 2008.

7.7. During the closing ceremony the pavilion is closed for removal of exhibits, equipment and other materials from the expositional stands till 08.01 pm, March 11, 2008, except works and materials obtained at the charitable auction, after presenting corresponding documents (Contract for sales, Auction Commission protocol, etc.).