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1.1. First Moscow international festival of art TRADITIONS & CONTEMPORANEITY” (further Festival) is an annual international arrangement, which is carried out to develop and popularize painting, graphic, sculpture and applied art. Festival is a competition.  

Awards are rewarded to natural persons, clubs and unions for progress in fields of creating, preserving and developing culture and cultural heritage in modern world.


1.2. The organizer of the Festival is the social organization «Moscow Social Foundation of culture’s support and modern art’s development».


1.3. For organization of Festival’s arrangements Orgcommitte and management is created




2.1. Subject of the competitive festival is works of painting, graphic, sculpture, applied art and photography.


2.2. Conformity of the work to the declared trend and artistic demand, do not contradict to universally recognized system of ethics and legislation of Russian Federation. Decision of materials’ conformity to the pointed criterions is made by the Orgcommitte of the Festival.




3.1. Winners of the festival are defined in following nominations.


  1. Traditions and Contemporaneity
  2. For the best elaboration in new creative trends
  3. For the best shape-making
  4. Synthesis of the materials
  5. The best joining of color and shape
  6. The best three-dimensional spatial composition in interior and exterior 
  7. The use of new materials and new technology
  8. For the boldness of experiment
  9. Best auction house in Russia
  10. Best auction house abroad
  11. Best gallery
  12. For the best decision of the theme
  13. For the best plastic dignity in material sculpture
  14. For the best innovative decision of a plastic shape.

3.2. Nominations are affirmed by the orgcommitte of the festival taking into account the requests of founders of the special rewards.




Stand assemblage:

 21.01 – 24.01 of 2007

Equipment assemblage, stand mounting

 from 9am, January, 22 of 2007 till 9am, January, 24 of 2007

Participants accreditation:

 on coming
 Festival’s official opening:  January, 24 of 2007 at 6pm
 Festival’s work:  January, 25 of 2007 11am-8 pm

 January, 26 of 2007 11am-8 pm

 January, 27 of 2007 11am-8 pm

 Rewarding, charitable auction, closing of the festival

 January, 27 of 2007 11am- 6 pm

 Dismantling, removal of exhibits:  January, 27 of 2007 from 6.01 pm January, 28 of  11.59 am




5.1. Methods of participation in the Festival:


Individual participation – direct participation of best artists, sculptors and workers of applied art from different countries of the world stated their success in any trend of fine art and arts and crafts in their country of district.

Collective participation – participation of auction houses, fashion houses, museums and galleries.

Participation in the Festival – includes electronic registration of Participants with accordance of badges-admission, which give the right to enter from 10 am and the right for participation in official arrangements of the Festival, publication of reduction in program and on the official site of the Festival, accordance of all materials and documents of the Festival including one copy of the catalogue, carrying out of master classes.

The participant is fully responsible for observance of the current legislation of RF, “Official standing of the First Moscow international festival of art “Traditions & Contemporaneity” and present official standing.


5.2. Design of participation in the Festival is realized through concluding an application – contract (Enclosure 1) with Moscow Social Foundation of culture’s support and modern art’s development (further – organizer of the Festival). From the moment person pays for the participation he is the Participant of the Festival.


5.3. When there is a collective participation application-contract is realized between organization (a collective Participant) and Organizer of the Festival. For further cooperation with organizer of the Festival a Collective Participant appoints his representative and forms power of attorney in a stated order.


5.4. For a fully form of individual and collective participation a list of enclosures is applied:

  • a list of displays (Enclosure 1a)
  • application for participation in Forum(Enclosure 1b)
  • application for participation in charitable auction( Enclosure 1d)
  • a typical set of equipment (Enclosure 2)
  • application for publication in the official catalogue (Enclosure 3)
  • plan of the stand with the exact location of all equipment (Enclosure 4)
  • application for additional equipment (Enclosure 5)
  • application for additional advertising service ( Enclosure 6)
  • application for accreditation of participants (Enclosure 7)
  • power of attorney
  • application for transport and expedition service (Enclosure 8)

5.5. The official application for participation in the Festivalíŕ must be send till November, 31 2006 to “MSF of culture’s support and modern art’s development” to the address: Moscow, Nastavnicheskji side street, 3, phone.: (495) 917-41-44; 916-37-95; 995-64-72; 778-99-14. or fax: (495) 916-37-95. or E-mail:,  by the date fixed November, 30 of 2006.


5.6. Application- contract is done in two copies (Enclosure 1). The Participant fills in both copies with corresponding enclosures, ensures by the seal and signature of the leader of organization (for a collective participant), and then sends to the address or by fax to the Organizer of the Festival. Authorized person of the Organizer signs the application-contract, ensures with the seal and hands over one copy to the Participant with the joint account.


5.7. Payment due to application-contract is done by the Participant according to a presented account in cause of five bank days through transferring cash assets to a settlement account of the Organizer of the Festival. Payment of banks expenses for doing the payment is done at the expense of the Participant.  Payment of additional service done during the work of the Festival or while preparing to it, is done in cause of 3 bank days from the time the account is billed. The fine for untimely payment for additional service is 0,5 % of the sum in the account for the each day of expiration.


5.8. The original of application-contract must be transferred to the Organizer of the Festival by the date fixed October, 31 of 2006.


5.9. Incomplete materials or presented after the date fixed (date of “paper” applications delivery is fixed by the postal stamp) are not taken into consideration.


5.10. From the time the application-contract is given to the Organizer of the Festival Participant and Organizer of the festival are considered to be in the privity of contract based on current legislation of RF, official standing of the Festival and Regulations of the competition which is held in context of First Moscow international festival of art “TRADITIONS & CONTEMPORANEITY’.


5.11. On the basis of application-contract the Management of the Festival singles out the ground, defines its location on the common planning of the Festival.


5.12. The Participant is obliged to direct a named list of office workers with period of stay’s indication at the Festival for accreditation of workers to the Management of the Festival.


5.13. Delivery of works and materials to the Orgcommitte is done at the expense of the Participant of the Festival.


5.14. Participant must have the right for the presented work and materials to the Festival and observe the law of authorial rights (the use of adopted or joint development requires an exile to the author or his permission to use authorial right)


5.15. The participant can refuse to participate in the Festival in a written form. If the refusal was send after October, 31 of 2006 then cash assets are not restored to the Participant of the Festival.


5.16. The participant may be disqualified for breaking the terms of the official standing or the established rules.




6.1. Participation at the Festival is done in context with the application-contract and enclosures from January, 24 till January, 28 of 2007 (period of dismantling, work and dismantling of works and materials, presented to the Festival). Individual integration of the stand is presented by the organizer on demand of the Participant for a special pay.


6.2. Benefits presented to the Participant are formed by acts, signed by authorized representatives of Participant and Organizer of the Festival.


6.3. In the cost of festival and other benefits if fit out square is rendered are included:


·         stand of standard integration, standard set of furniture depending on the size of the typical stand ;

·         organizational expenses;

·         common energy supply, ventilation of closed exhibition squares;

·         common security of exhibition pavilion and territory of the Festival;

·         doing up passageways in exhibition halls and doing up territory of the Festival except inner space of stands;

·         removal of rubbish, building refuse during dismantling

·         rendering of invitations to the Festival

·         rendering of services of attendants

·         assembling and dismantling

·         informational ensuring

·         common artistic mounting


6.4. Min size of the stand is 30 sq.m.




7.1. Management of the Festival by the order of Participant and at his expense render additional service according to the prices stated by the Organizer of the Festival ( Enclosure 5).

The cost of equipment ordered in the period of assembling of the stand is 25% taxed.


7.2. Additional services are formed by the Participant through filling in the application (2 copies) in a stated form which is part of application-contract. All expenses connected with the order and rendering  additional benefits are paid by the Participant  according to the prices stated by the Organizer of the Festival. Application for additional benefits must be send to the Management of the Festival by the date fixed November, 30 of 2007 by fax and in original at the Festival. If the stated terms are broken the Management of the Festival do not guarantee its on-time fulfillment. Order must be signed by the leader of the organization.


7.3. Acts of acceptance of done work are formed during Festival by the authorized representatives of sides or are posted.




8.1. Accommodation of Participants and stands mounting is done from January, 21 till January, 24 of 2007.


8.2. Removal of works, materials, equipment and dismantling of stands :

January, 27 of 2007 from 5 pm till 11.59 of January, 28, 2007.


8.3. All assembling and dismantling works are done within the square rendered.


8.4. Technique demands to the stands building in Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh”


·         Participant is not allowed to dismantle himself any elements of stand

·         it is forbidden to fix exhibits to the walls in any way which will become a reason of technique damage

·         it is forbidden to fix works to the floor of pavilion

·         Participants are not allowed to mend faultiness themselves.

·         it is not allowed to make long partition especially along stands’ limits

·         Equipment and works of Participants must be located within their square. The organizer have the right to re-set or take away any thing that can disturb work of the Festival.

·         it is forbidden to take away any part of stand over the square.


8.5. If you want to make the wall higher you must receive permission of the Organizer.


8.6. Participant must give back everything ordered (equipment) before dismantling starts.


8.7. in case wall panel is damaged Participant must pay for it.


8.8. All additional ordered benefits as well as equipment is paid by separate accounts till December, 31 of 2007


8.9. Dismantling of exposition can start only after the official closing of the Festival. Participant must finish participation by the time fixed 4 pm of January, 27 of 2007.


8.10. While ceremony of closing is held pavilion is closed for removal of exhibits, equipment and other materials from stands till 4 pm January, 27 of 2007, except works obtained at the charitable auction with the required documents.




9.1. Within the stand it is allowed to use all kinds of advertising but it should not contradict with current legislation of RF.


9.2. Disposal of all kinds of  outward advertisement out of stand is possible only in definite places with the permission of Organizer. You have to fill in Enclosure 6 (in 2 copies) and send by the date fixed December, 31 of 2007.


9.3. Any commercial advertising must be adjusted with the management of the Festival


9.4. management of the Festival publishes a catalogue to the opening of festival which contains information about participants


9.5. Participant must send information to the management for the catalogue (Enclosure 3) by the date fixed October, 31 of 2006. The participant receives 1 catalogue.


9.6. Participant can publish in the official catalogue any additional advertising information about his organization for a separate charge by filling in enclosure 3 (in 2 copies) and sending to the management of festival till October, 31 of 2007


9.7.Organizers of the festival are not responsible for the truth of information presented by the participant and advertising materials. Participant must have the right for the presented work and materials to the Festival and observe the law of authorial rights (the use of adopted or joint development requires an exile to the author or his permission to use authorial right.



10.1 Time of work during assembling and dismantling of festival is defined in accordance with issue 3 of present order. After official opening of the Festival is open for visitors every day from 11 am till 8 pm. On the last day till 4 pm.


10.2. Pavilion will be closed at 8.31 pm by security.


10.3. Participant has the right to be present at the exhibition stand from 10am till 8.30 pm



11.1. Participants should be accredited and must have a badge. Number of people for one stand-3 persons.


11.2. For accreditation enclosure 7 is filled in. it must be sent to the management till December, 31 of 2007.


11.3. Accreditation will be made within January, 31 of 2007.




12.1. Organization of accommodation is done through a tourist office “Optimal – Dosug”  ;e-mail: ; tel:+7 (495) 995 82-12.




Social organization “Moscow Social foundation of culture’s support and modern art’s development”

107120, Moscow, Nastavnicheskij side street, 3

Tel.:( 495) 917-41-44, 916-37-95, 995-64-72; 778-99-14

fax: (495) 917-41-44





14.1. Organizer of the festival has the right to use works of participant with their permission for advertising aim and their names in Moscow international festival of art “Traditions & Contemporaneity”.


14.2. Participant of the competition (Prize-winner, Student) gives his right to the management of the Festival:


·         For public use of works (materials, presented for the competition) and demonstration in informational and advertising aims;

·         To issue audio and video materials based on held Moscow Social festival of art «Traditions & Contemporaneity» with the aim to advertise the festival.


14.3. All works will be included to the catalogue, CD-catalogue and will be presented on the official site of the Festival.


14.4 Establishers of the festival have the right to make changes and additions to this official standing and its enclosures.