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«Celebrities have revealed unexpected talents at the International festival of arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity» in the CEH «Manezh». This time at the festival Slava Zaitsev debuted. This well-known fashion designer has shown his photo works to the public for the first time».

Komsomolskaya Pravda

«In comparison with the previous one the Festival this year looks much better thanks to both the participants and the presented works. Artists draw attention not only by the works but also by their performances. Let’s begin our report on the Third Moscow International Festival of arts with the performance of artist Igor Kormyshev».


«Many participants of the festival are new artists and that it is no wonder because one of the forum overall objectives is to open new names. And one of the most ambitious goals before the organizers is to unite the maximum quantity of art directions in one exhibition space. Painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, dolls art – such different projects are represented this year by more than six hundreds authors from 22 different countries. They compete in 28 nominations».

Culture TV channel

«Within the limits of this project under the patronage of the Chechen Republic government Eset Chamaeva, a young disabled artist with unlimited talent, participated in the festival. Besides, the exposition has such projects as "Balance" of the foundation "Philanthropist", works of the Moscow inter-regional public organization of the disabled "Pilgrim", and of the Krasnodar regional youth public organization of the disabled children "Inva-studio". Other special projects of the festival are «World Dolls", "Parade of star dolls", "Moskva River in Moscow", "Special project of Vyacheslav Petrov-Gladky (Maitreya) and gallery «The House of Maitreya»(USA, Hollywood) "RETRO-USSR"».


«Among the exhibited there will be works of Falk, Malevich, Nesterova, and other known modern artists from Russia and abroad.

This year the Festival program draws special attention to special projects, especially socially oriented ones. One of the special project organizers - National Ship-owners Association - will exhibit architectural projects of new objects in the Moskva River water area».


«"Manezh " united dolls art, photography, paintings of different schools, styles and time periods. In the central part of the hall the Mamontov Gallery was located. The exposition accurately divided into two parts: Kukryniksy heritage and Silver age Art gave a chance to attentively peer at refined painting and graphics of Michael Vrubel, Robert Falk, Konstantin Korovin, Alexander Bogomazov . Military caricatures of Kukryniksy draw attention of young visitors. Opposite to the Mamontov Gallery there was an exposition of the Club of the fine arts collectors. Here painting and graphics were more various».

Portal Culture

«In honor of the Year of equal abilities declared in Moscow the Festival Organizing Committee included works of disabled people in the Festival program. Within the limits of the given project students of the Social Rehabilitation Center «Inva - Academy», which trustee is «the First Republican Bank», have been awarded a special diploma «Jury Applause». At the exhibition they have presented creative works, icons included, and have also received invitation to participate in other exhibitions».

The First Republican Bank

«On June, 19th, 2009 at 16.00 in the Central Exhibition Hall «Manezh» the monument presentation to A.D.Saharov, a great scientist, a public figure, an academician, a Nobel peace prize holder, a humanist, and a citizen took place. The monument presentation passed in the frameworks of an art exhibition of modern art «Traditions and Contemporaneity». The author of the monument is a world famous sculptor Grigory Pototsky, author of more than 55 monuments in Russia and in the world, the founder of the World intelligency museum, the founder and the president of the International Academy of Kindness. Representatives of the government, scientific, creative and business – elite, embassies representatives visited the presentation».

The Russian Federation ministry of culture

«On June, 18th - 22nd, in Moscow CEH "Masnezh" connoisseur of photoart will again see works of Olga Frantskevich-Eransson which will be presented in the new collection "Pianissimo" at the Third Moscow international festival of arts "Traditions and Contemporaneity".

The award winner in the field of a commercial photo "Master 2008", one of the brightest and unique participants of the Moscow Millionaire Fair 2008, Mrs. Frantskevich-Eransson is invited as a special guest along with known artists - Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya and Slava Zaitsev».

Star magazine

«From June, 18 till June, 22nd in Moscow the III International festival of arts «Traditions and the Contemporaneity» will take place. As the Press Secretary of the Ministry of culture and tourism Zohra Alieva informed, participation of known artists from different countries and subjects of the Russian Federation is planned at the Festival. With the support of the Ministry of culture and tourism Azerbaijan at this festival will be represented by Farman Gulamov, a senior lecturer of the Azerbaijan state art academy, and a known artist. According to Z. Alieva, the awarding ceremony of the Festival participants is on June, 24th. At the Festival Farman Gulamov will organize an exposition devoted to Azerbaijan».


«The Moscow International Festival "Traditions and Contemporaneity" reflects social processes in a society. Therefore within the limits of the IV Festival special projects will be organized. The project "Eternal memory" dedicated to the 65 Victory anniversary in the Second World War; "Window to Paris" devoted to the declared year of France in Russia and Russia in France. It has become a tradition for the Festival organizers to present the project "World Dolls" which exhibit best dolls from galleries and private collections, and also of leading Russian artists».


«Despite the fact that the name of this Festival has traditions on the first place, first of all support of young artists and help in the art projects development is nevertheless important. Therefore along with eminent artists’ works young artists also show here their works. And not simply show, but also participate in the competition which includes all basic directions of modern art».

Your Leisure

«Such festivals are of huge value for preservation of unique cultural space of the country. Constantly changing social and economic conditions, lack of budgetary financing in the cultural branch are the factors essentially constraining the festivals development. Much in this area is kept on self-denying enthusiasm and authority of organizers, and the Festival «Traditions and Contemporaneity» wasn’t an exception. This year the event is of special value since even in the crisis conditions the Festival exists and develops, not only continuing to collect all modern cultural tendencies, but also giving place for the reflection of actual events».

Art Council

«The Moscow international festival "Traditions and Contemporaneity" which will be from May, 20 till May, 24th in the Russian capital will give way to young artists. Kiseleva Vera, organizer of the project, told this at the press conference.

"Special attention our festival gives to young artists for whom this participation is a chance to start up their creative career and to be seen", – said Kiseleva».

Culture TV channel

«Of course, not everyone from a hundred participants will get the award. But as artist say, participation in the festival of such a level is a distinctive quality symbol. It is something similar to an admission into a narrow artistic circle and a possibility to tell about oneself to the Moscow public. The art exhibition annually opens new names and acquaints public with the best authors. The festival purpose is to support gifted artists whose creativity, as a matter of fact, is traditions and contemporaneity».

Stolitsa TV channel

«Today under the patronage of the Moscow government the IV Moscow international festival of arts «Traditions and Contemporaneity» will open in the International exhibition center «Crocus Expo».

The Festival exists to preserve cultural heritage, support young gifted artists and develop new projects.

Within the Festival special projects will be organized, most considerable of which are «Eternal memory», «Window to Paris», «World Dolls».

Throughout all its history the Festival aspired to present wide variety of national cultures. In multinational Russia there are many talented artists who find creative ideas in culture and traditions of their nation».

Vechernaya Moskva

«" Without belief there is nothing, therefore our award is called so. The figurine is symbolical as it is a leaf with a dewdrop which gives life to it", - Kiseleva explained an idea of Victor Mitroshin, the author of the award figurine.

Besides "Vera " (Belief) all winners will receive special prizes from the Federation Council, and on May, 27th in the Tavricheskiy palace in St.-Petersburg an exhibition of painters-participants will open, as was noted by Elena Sahno, an adviser of the chairman of the Federation Council Sergey Mironov».

Culturestyle – culture and art news

«At the festival «Traditions and Contemporaneity» there will be a charitable action in favor of orphans and disabled children. Pupils of children’s homes and boarding schools are already invited to the solemn ceremony of rewarding "Vera" (Belief).

«The foundation carries out such actions for the fourth time. We desire to make these children happy at least by giving them a possibility to see colorful performances, and to get positive emotions. To all the children we have prepared gifts and I think they will leave the event with good mood», - Vera Kiseleva is assured».



New art festival

Painters from different countries will challenge for “Faith”

Presentation of new cultural project was carried out this week. Moscow Social Foundation of culture’s support and modern art’s development announced about carrying out First Moscow international festival of art “Traditions and Contemporaneity”… further

Independent newspaper

Festival of art “Traditions and Contemporaneity” will unite representatives of modern art from 50 countries of world

First international festival of art “Traditions and Contemporaneity” will be carried out in Moscow. This event will pass in Manezh from 24th till 27th of 2007. It will unite representatives of modern art from all over the world… further


Our aim – is to help the development of modern art

A press-conference dedicated to the presentation of organizers of First Moscow International Festival of art “Traditions and Contemporaneity”, which is to be held in January of the coming year, was carried out on September, 25th. This Festival – one of the project of Moscow Social Foundation of culture’s support and modern art’s development, created in 2004… further

Newspaper «Culture»

Representatives from 50 countries will participate in First Moscow International Festival of art “Traditions and Contemporaneity”

From 24th till 27th of 2007 in Moscow, CEH “Manezh”, First Moscow Festival of art “Traditions and Contemporaneity”, organized by Moscow Social Foundation of culture’s support and modern art’s development, will take place… further

RIA News

Premium for painters

In Russia there are prestigious rewards in field of ballet, theater, cinema, music, television, but one can not find a reward in field of fine art. Still, there will be “one” soon… further

Magazine «World-inform»